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Preparing for the Oath: Symbols & Holidays
Use this lesson from the Smithsonian’s History Explorer to help students discover America’s key symbols and holidays through short videos, mini-activities and practice questions related to U.S. history and civics for citizenship.
An Exploration of Spanish Music and Dance Traditions
Song and dance are important parts of many holiday celebrations. Use these Smithsonian Folkways lessons to introduce students to some of the history, traditions and music of Spain.
A Cheerful Depression-Era Holiday Greeting
Even when times are tough, people like to celebrate. Invite students to read this article from the National Museum of American history to see how one family managed to spread holiday cheer during the Great Depression.
Hand-Painted Paper Fruits and Vegetables
In this Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum lesson, elementary students create hand-painted fruits and vegetables to hang in the Sukkah, a temporary shelter used during the Jewish Holiday, Sukkot.
Carousels, Carnivals and Cotton Candy: Design for Fun
A fair or carnival is a fun way for a community to celebrate. And one thing most fairs, carnivals and even amusement parks have is a carousel. In this lesson from the Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, students will design a carousel. They will work in collaborative groups, conduct research, develop a presentation, write a descriptive paragraph, evaluate design features and draw an artistic rendering of their ideas.
The Point of Armenia’s Splashy Holiday Is Getting Wet
The ancient tradition of Vardavar attracts tourists to Armenia. But those who participate should bring a change of clothes. Read this Smithsonian magazine article to learn why.
Weather Lab
What happens when ocean currents and air masses interact? Find out in the Smithsonian Science Education Center’s Weather Lab! Take on the role of a meteorologist by predicting spring weather and how people should dress for it in particular regions of the United States.
Cherry Blossom Playlist
Every spring in Washington, D.C., thousands of visitors flock to our nation’s capital to savor the beauty of cherry blossoms, representing a celebration of the coming seasons as well as the friendship between the people of the United States and Japan. This selection of music from Smithsonian Folkways offers a soundtrack to the annual celebration.
Grow Your Own Victory Garden!
Planning is an important and sometimes overlooked step in creating a successful garden. But if you plan well, you can grow a bountiful garden in any season. To learn how—in spring, summer or fall—read these tips from the Smithsonian.
In Northern Norway, Reindeer Racing and a “Joik” Singing Showdown Welcome in Spring
Read this Smithsonian magazine article to learn how the Sami Easter Festival blends old and new traditions in Lappland’s northern reaches.