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Show and Tell About Your Summer

Students select a photo taken over the summer break. They write a description telling how the image represents what their summer was all about.


  1. Prior to conducting this activity, instruct students to look through the photographs that they, their friends or family members took during summer vacation. As they examine the photos, tell them to think about what they did, where they went, and how they felt throughout the summer. Challenge students to pick one photo that sums up what their summer was about. Tell them to bring a copy of that photo to class.
  2. Have each student take out a piece of notebook paper and tape their photos to the top half of their papers. 
  3. Encourage students to think about why they picked this particular picture. For example, does it express a particular mood? Does it show something exciting they did? Or is it just a fun photo of someone they spent a lot of time with over the summer break?
  4. Instruct students to write a brief description telling how the image represents their summer on the bottom half of their papers.


Invite students to share their photos and what they wrote in small groups. Instruct groups to discuss how the words fit each image. Encourage students to share additional details as they talk about what they did over the summer.  


Grades 3-4:
Instruct students to pay careful attention to capitalization, punctuation and spelling as they write their descriptions. Encourage them to include adjectives and adverbs that best describe the idea or feeling they are trying to express. 

Grades 5-6:
Instruct students to write complete sentences with proper grammar and spelling. Challenge them to select a style and tone that accurately express the thought or feeling they are trying to convey.

Grades 7-8:
Challenge students to use words, phrases and descriptive details that will both engage readers and help them understand what the writer is trying to express about his or her summer. Instruct students to review their writing and correct any errors they find in grammar, punctuation or spelling.

Grades 9-10:
Have students pay particular attention to the words, phrases, descriptive details and sensory language they incorporate into their descriptions. Challenge them to write a description that both captures readers' interest and makes a logical connection to the image they chose.