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Create a monument

Write a reflective essay
Provide resources such as videos and articles on a particular topic. Instruct students to examine first-hand accounts of what it was like to be there. Challenge them to write a reflective essay to share what they learned.

Create a timeline
Have students read a short biography of a notable person. Instruct them to create a timeline tracking important events in the person’s life.

Write a children’s book
Display a site about a famous person, place, or thing. Have students select 10 words, draw/download an image to represent each, and combine them to write a children’s book on the topic.

Create a monument
Visit a site dedicated to a national monument. Then have students:

Examine life through art
Find and view portraits of a famous person at the National Portrait Gallery. Then have students select their favorite portrait of the person and examine how the subject is portrayed in each. Challenge students to conduct research and then write an essay outlining a meaningful connection between the content of the portrait and events occurring during the person’s life when the portrait was painted.

Create a musical or theatrical presentation
Display a musical or theatrical presentation on a topic. Using that as an example, challenge students to create their own artistic representations about the selected topic.