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Honor a Woman Who Fought for Equal Rights
Students will select a woman who has fought for equal rights and conduct research to learn about her battle. They will think of a fitting way to pay tribute to the woman and then write a summary and draw a picture of their ideas.
Explore the Work of a Female Artist
Students will conduct research to identify a female artist or illustrator and learn about her career and the type of art she made. Then they will create their own piece of art in the same style.
Design a Female LEGO Figurine
Students will select a woman who works in a STEM field, design a LEGO figurine of her and write a letter to NASA explaining why the woman deserves to be featured as an official LEGO figurine.
Organize a Community Cleanup Day
Students will select a local waterway or area park and participate in a community cleanup day.
Raise Awareness of Polar Bears
Students will create a product that will raise funds to help save polar bears.
Make a Historical Valentine's Day Card
Students will utilize a variety of supplies to create a handmade Valentine's Day card for someone special in their lives.
Make a Top 10 Presidential List
Students will conduct research to learn about the life of a U.S. president. They will compile a list of 10 fascinating or lesser known facts about that president. They will write an essay explaining why they think people would find those facts to be surprising.
Identify Ways to Reuse Olympic Facilities
Students will conduct research to learn about the fate of past Olympic venues. They will identify ways these venues can be reused to benefit the local economy. They will draw plans and/or write a proposal outlining their ideas.
Create Museum Exhibits Celebrating Black History
Students will choose a topic related to black history and conduct research to learn more about it. Then they use what they learned to design a new exhibit for the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).
Investigate the History of Candy
Students will identify their favorite candy and conduct research to learn about its history, including in what ways, if any, the product's packaging has changed over time. They will then redesign the candy's packaging and explain why they think the changes they made will make the candy more attractive to consumers.
Identify What Inspires Us
Students will identify a famous speech or short text that inspires them. They will write a short review in which they identify the author's message and explain how and why it inspires them.
Compare and Contrast Winter Locales
Students will conduct research to record basic facts about winter where they live and one other place in the world. They will create a display comparing and contrasting how winter is different in these two places.
Investigate Holidays Through Artifacts
Students will conduct research to identify holiday-related artifacts. They will analyze the artifacts to determine what they reveal about the holiday. Then they will write a brief report on their findings.
Investigate History Through Photos
Students will conduct research to find photographs that reveal how a city and its people have changed over time. They compile their photos on a poster in a way that visually reveals something important about the city.
Innovate the Airline Industry
Students will identify a product or process that could be improved resulting in a better flying experience. They will create a sketch or diagram showing how their ideas would work.
Explore Native American Artists
Students will identify a Native American artist and write a biography about the artist's life. They will collect photographs and write descriptions to create an exhibit of the artist's work.
Give Back and Give Thanks
Students will make a list of their interests and talents. They will use those traits to identify ways they can help others. Then they will create a plan outlining how and when to carry out their ideas.
Design a New and Improved Military Uniform
Students will conduct research to learn about uniforms worn by people in different branches of the U.S. military. They will brainstorm ideas about how to improve the comfort, utility and/or appearance of the uniforms. They will create a detailed drawing of their ideas.
Create a Multicultural Cookbook
Students will identify their favorite foods and conduct research to find recipes and learn about the history of those foods. After you have compiled the pages to create a multicultural cookbook, students will discuss how immigration has helped shape what Americans eat.
Explore the History of Elections
Students will conduct research about the history of elections in the United States. They will note how they have changed and use what they learn to project what the election process may look like in the future.
Write About Fossils
Students will watch a webcast and then write an essay stating what they learned about collecting and preserving fossils and how fossils can teach people about events that happened on Earth thousands or millions of years ago.
Write a Narrative about the Amazon
Students will select and view an image from Google's Street View site about the Amazon rainforest. They will take detailed notes to describe the image. Then they will imagine that they were there in the Amazon and write a first-person narrative about the experience.
Make a Postcard
Students will learn about postcards. Then they will conduct research to learn about a place they'd like to visit. They will create their own postcards from this place and write a brief message to a friend.
Explore Breakfast Around the World
Students will select a location and conduct research to identify a traditional breakfast eaten in that area. They will make a logical connection between that location, the people's culture and the foods they eat. Then students will create a 3D model of their meal.
Explore the World from a New Perspective
Students will conduct research to learn about American Sign Language and the Deaf community. They will use what they learned to write an essay describing what their lives would be like if they were deaf.
Create a Fall Foliage Travel Itinerary
Students will select a site where they can view spectacular fall foliage. Then they will create a detailed travel itinerary that outlines a fun fall trip.
Write About Protecting Ocean Diversity
Students will watch a webcast and then write an essay stating what they learned and what people can do to protect diversity in the ocean.
Record an Oral History of 9/11
Students will interview someone who was alive on September 11, 2001. They will record an oral history that tells about the events of that day from the subject's perspective.
Promote a National Park
Students will select one of the least-visited national parks and conduct research to learn more about it. They will use what they learned to create an informational package about the park.
Host a Solar Eclipse Event
Students will identify topics related to the science and history of a solar eclipse and conduct research to learn more. They will create presentations to share what they learned with others during a solar eclipse event.
Write an Email to a Tree
Students will study a map to select a tree in Melbourne, Australia. They will write an email to the tree in which they ask questions about the tree and its environment and/or share their hopes and ideas for conservation of Earth's forests.
Create a Comic Strip about Climate Change
Students will utilize the comic strip in the article as they analyze their views on climate change. Then they will create their own comic strips depicting potential scenarios for Earth's climate over the next thousand years.
Design a Skyscraper of the Future
Students will define what a green skyscraper is and identify elements that make a skyscraper environmentally friendly. They will search online to find examples. Then they will select green elements to incorporate into a skyscraper of their own. They will sketch and create a model of their ideas.
Develop a Flood-Prevention Plan
Students will identify a threatened coastal city and conduct research to learn more about its landscape and how people there have dealt with flooding in the past. They will draw plans and/or write a proposal identifying ways the city can prevent flooding in the future.
Learn About a War Memorial
Students will select a war memorial and study its history. They will create a model of the memorial and then select an appropriate way to share what they learned with the class.
Hold a Class Debate
Students will share what they know about Dubai and discuss reasons why that city wants to use flying taxis. Then they will consider the merits of flying taxis and debate to decide whether or not flying taxis should be allowed in their own community.
Invent a Solution
Students will choose a critical problem facing their school, their community or the world. They will brainstorm ideas for a simple invention that they think would fix the problem. Then they will draw a picture of their idea and write a brief summary explaining how the device will work and how it will resolve the issue.
Write a Mystery
Students will learn about the elements of a mystery story. Then they will select a scene, write character biographies and outline the plot. They will utilize these elements as they write their own mysteries.
Unearth Facts about Space
Students will investigate and identify connections between five everyday items on Earth and phenomena that occur in space. They will find or create a picture to illustrate each everyday item. They will write a summary to explain the science behind each connection.
Explore Dance!
Students will investigate different types of traditional dance. They will create a poster or informational video to share what they learned. As part of their presentations, they will either show a video of people performing the dance or perform the dance themselves.
Create an Ecotourism Plan
Students will identify a threatened area and conduct research to learn what it used to be like, what it's like now and why it changed. They will come up with an ecotourism plan that will encourage people to visit the area and show respect for the land.
Create a Poetry Installation
Students will identify an innovative way to incorporate poetry into their school or community. They will outline specific requirements for the project and get approval for the public art display from the proper authority. Then each student will write a poem that will be included in the poetry installation.
Update a Little Golden Book
Students will brainstorm ideas about how to update a Little Golden Book for today's audiences. Working in a large group or with a partner, they will rewrite the text and redraw illustrations. They will use Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast their finished product to classmates' revisions and the original story.
Create a World Migration Map
Students will identify animals that migrate and investigate their migration paths. They will create a unique symbol to represent each animal. They will incorporate those symbols as they trace the migration pattern of each animal on a world map.
Create a Student-Led Organization
Students will brainstorm ideas for a student-led organization that is all-inclusive. They will iron out the details for how it will work and design a logo and other items that reflect their "brand." Then they will create a brochure that will entice fellow students to join their group.
Investigate Genres of Music
Students will conduct research to learn about different types of music and listen to songs from each genre they study. They will write about what surprised them the most. Then the class will create a playlist of students' favorite songs from each genre.
Create a Women's History Museum
Students will identify famous women, categorize them into groups and conduct research to learn more about them. They will use what they learned to create a classroom museum focused on women's history.
Investigate Fields of Engineering
Students will select a field of engineering and conduct research to learn more about it. They will write a summary telling what surprised them the most. Then they will create a brochure to teach others about their chosen field of engineering.
Showcase Presidential Homes
Students will select one U.S. president and conduct research to learn about a home that person lived in at some point in his life. They will compile photos and information to create a class book on presidential homes.
Analyze a Poem or Short Story
Students will read a poem or short story about friendship and love. They will analyze the text to identify hidden clues that tell about the topic. Then they will express what they think the author's intent was when writing the poem or story and explain how the author could have expressed these feelings in a different way.
Showcase Your Family Pride
Students will read the article and discuss reasons why the focus of the article is a source of family pride. Then they will view a collection of family-related items and identify connections between those items and the values, connections or traditions that are important to their own families. They will write an essay or create an exhibition about family pride.
Create a Traditional Item for the Chinese New Year
Students will conduct research to learn more about the Chinese New Year. Then they will create a lantern or other traditional item related to the holiday.
Investigate Presidential or Inaugural Traditions
Students will select a tradition associated with the U.S. president or the presidential inauguration, conduct research to learn about its history and brainstorm ideas about how tradition might be implemented during Donald Trump's upcoming inauguration and presidency. Then they will create a timeline to show what they learned.
Decipher Freedom Songs
Students will analyze the lyrics of a Freedom Song to decipher its hidden meaning. They will provide historical evidence that supports the connections they see. They will discuss the impact Freedom Songs had on the Civil Rights Movement.
Explore Holiday Traditions
Students will conduct research to learn about a holiday and its traditions. They will draw or create something that embodies the meaning of their holiday. Then they will write a report or choose an appropriate mode of writing to tell what they learned about the holiday and its traditions.
Invent a New Way to Use Snow
Students will conduct research to learn about the characteristics of snow. Then they will brainstorm ideas for an innovative product that utilizes recycled snow and create a detailed sketch of their design. They will explain how they would store the snow until summer.
Create a Global Cookie Recipe Book
Students will conduct research to find a recipe and learn the history of cookies around the world. They will use what they learned to create informational pages about each cookie. Then they will compile the pages to create a global cookie recipe book.
Understanding Protests
Students will conduct research to learn about modern-day and historical protests. They will write a summary or detailed essay outlining what they learned.
Design a Parade Balloon
Students will investigate the history of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Then they will brainstorm ideas and create a balloon of their own.
Write a Memoir
Students will understand what a memoir is and how it differs from a biography or autobiography. They will use what they learned to write a brief memoir about their lives.
Write a News Article
Students identify an event that happened during a war or a veteran who received a medal for his or her actions during a war. Then they choose a format and write a news article about their subject.
Hold a Mock Election
Students will investigate to learn about candidates' ideologies. They will present these views during a debate. The class will vote to elect a candidate and discuss the results.
Explore the Symbols of Halloween
Students will investigate bats and other objects and discuss reasons why these items became symbols for Halloween. They will draw pictures of objects that symbolize Halloween or the Day of the Dead. Then they will discuss how and why their symbols represent these holidays.
Create a Magazine
Students investigate the history of magazine publishing and analyze the components of modern magazines. Then they create their own magazines with features, a format and functions that will appeal to a specific target audience.
Report on an Extraterrestrial Experience
Students will imagine that they are the first person from Earth to make contact with an intelligent alien life form. They will write a first-person account describing the experience.
Inspire and Promote Respect and Acceptance
Students will brainstorm ideas for a positive message about race, respect and acceptance. They convey that message through a poster, poem, song or other format and present their work to the class.
Create a Fall Festival Float
Students will identify key traits of their town or the area where they live. They will incorporate those traits into a "float" that they build for a fall festival.
Investigate Diversity in Books
Students will examine the character traits and issues represented in books written for their age group. They will evaluate the results to determine whether or not the books are a realistic depiction of the diversity encountered and issues faced in their local communities.
Create a Quiz-Style Game
Students will investigate the U.S. Constitution and how changes, such as the evolution of voting rights, have impacted different parts of the population. Then they will select a format and create a quiz-style game to challenge classmates' knowledge on the topic.
Design a Food Forest
Students design a plan for a food forest in their community. The plan includes details about location, content, maintenance, customer base and funding.
Outline a Business Plan
Students brainstorm ideas for a new product or service and draw a prototype or draft an outline explaining how it will work. Then they write a general business plan explaining how they will make, market and deliver their idea to customers.
Track a Personal Water Footprint
Students track the goods and services they use for one week. Then they calculate and illustrate a personal water footprint.
Chronicle Your Favorite Olympic Sport
Students identify their favorite Olympic sport and chronicle the history of that sport in the Games.
Show and Tell About Your Summer
Students select a photo taken over the summer break. They write a description telling how the image represents what their summer was all about.
Create a Summer Reading List
Students identify and analyze the books they read as part of the curriculum this year. Then they will create a summer reading list for next year's students that will help them prepare for the upcoming school year.
Decoding Patterns in Nature
Students will identify and classify patterns found in nature. They will use letters or fractals to decode the patterns mathematically. Then they will draw an original piece of artwork based on the pattern they found.
Create a Reality Competition
Students will investigate the format of various reality shows. Then they will select a subject they are currently studying or would like to study and outline the format of a new reality show featuring students their age.
Rewrite a Fairy Tale
Students will select a fairy tale. They will identify basic elements in the tale as it is told. Then they will list ways important details and the plot could be revised to give the fairy tale a modern twist. Students will rewrite the fairy tale, incorporating these changes into the text.
Imagine Ways to Improve Military Lives
Students will conduct research to learn about a branch of the armed services. They will identify current problems facing military personnel and/or their families. Then they will brainstorm ideas for a solution.
Write a Message in a Bottle
Students will write a letter to people living 100 years from now. They will relate both important news and everyday experiences so the people of 2116 understand what life was like in the year 2016.
Write a Persuasive Argument
Students will conduct research to learn about the types of people who most commonly appear on U.S. and world coins and notes. Then they will select someone they think deserves to be honored this way in the U.S. Students will write a persuasive argument supporting their nominee, using the results of their calculations to support their opinions.
Write a Sensory Poem
Students will write a sensory poem that tells about an awe-inspiring place. They will include descriptions and examples so readers understand how this place makes them feel.
Invent a Character
Students will invent a new character to include in one of Beverly Cleary's books. Then they will write a scene in which that character interacts with existing characters on one of their adventures.
Write Science Fiction
Students will conduct research to learn about current projections for space travel. Using that knowledge as a base, they will write a science fiction story about living in outer space.
Vote on Your State's Flag
Students will conduct research to learn about the significance of each symbol on their state's flag. They will design a new flag of their own. Then the class will vote to select a new design or keep the status quo.
Create a Virtual Reality Experience
Students will select a historical landmark or event and conduct research to learn more about it. They will collect photos or illustrations to show what what life was like during a specific time period. Then they will create a poster or write a script for a historically accurate virtual reality experience.
Design a Better Umbrella
Students will conduct research to learn about unique umbrella designs from the past. Then they will brainstorm ideas for a new umbrella and create a detailed sketch of their design. They will explain how their idea overcomes issues that stump most umbrella designers-function, price and size.
Create a Game for Pi Day
Students will investigate the history of Pi Day and create a game to celebrate this mathematical holiday.
Create a Statue Honoring a Woman
Students will identify all of the statues of women in a selected area, plot the statues' locations on a map and explain why the statues exist. Then they will select another historical woman with a connection to that place, decide where a statue honoring her should be erected and create a sketch of a statue honoring her achievements.
Get Creative with History
Students will write a comic strip or graphic novel about a historical topic that features someone whose contributions have been forgotten over time. Their plots will incorporate related objects found at Smithsonian museums.
Campaign for a National Monument
Students will conduct research to identify a location they think should be granted national monument status. They will compose a list of reasons justifying their selection. Then they will create a promotional campaign to support their cause.
Build a Historical Family Tree
Students will create a mock family tree composed of historical figures. They will use factual information about the "family members" they chose to explain why they included specific people in their family trees.
Profile a Minority Artist
Students will conduct research to learn about a modern-day minority artist who works in the entertainment field–theater, music, art, television, movies, etc. They will create an illustrated profile highlighting key aspects of the artist's personal and professional life. Based on that profile, they will write a one-act play, dialogue or monologue to tell about the artist.
Create a Book Award
Students will write a list of criteria for a literary award and design a medal for the winner. They will identify books that they think should win the new award.
Write About It
Students will imagine that they just got an electric-powered drone and took it up for the first time. They will write a first-person account describing what they see, feel, hear or otherwise sense throughout the flight.
Create an Interactive Map
Students will conduct research to learn about the political, social, geological and/or economic history of a topic they are currently studying or the area where they live. They will create an interactive map that highlights what they learned.
Research, Redesign and Report
Students select a science fiction movie, identify one notable object it includes and conduct research to learn how to build a better version of that object. They draw a model and write a report to show and tell how the redesign will improve the object's performance.
Analyze Internet Usage
Students will record their Internet usage for one week and analyze the results. Then they will conduct interviews to learn how the Internet has changed people's lives. Then they will create cartoons to illustrate what they learned.
Investigate an Invention
Students will select an everyday object related to winter, conduct research to learn about its history, brainstorm ideas about how the product could be improved and create a timeline to show what they learned.
Create Literary Maps
Students will create a detailed literary map outlining the storyline of a book they've recently read.
Create Statue of Liberty Exhibits
Students will conduct research to learn more about the Statue of Liberty. They will use that knowledge to create exhibits for the new museum.
Create a Thanksgiving Menu
Students will create their own Thanksgiving menus featuring their favorite foods and drinks along with items that are directly related to their family's heritage.
Record and Share Life Histories
Students will learn proper interviewing techniques, identify appropriate questions and record a conversation with a grandparent or other adult. They will share the life histories they collect and use the content to learn more about the world around them.
Volunteer for a Veteran
Students identify a specific way they can help a local veteran. They plan and participate in a volunteer project to thank the veteran for his or her service to the country.
Investigate and Recreate a Masterpiece
Students select a famous piece of art with a fall or harvest theme. They investigate to learn about the artist and the painting. Then they use everyday objects to recreate the masterpiece on large piece of poster board.
Design and Develop Animated Characters
Students design and develop animated characters based on everyday objects. They outline an idea for a short film featuring those characters.
Say It/Search It/Map It
Students identify local or familial metaphors or clichés, conduct research to learn where the phrases came from and create a map plotting the sayings' origins.
Design Your Own Baseball Card
Students identify a special quality or trait they have and create baseball cards showcasing this characteristic. They give examples of how this quality has helped them succeed.
Honor Humorous Scientific Achievement
Students conduct scientific investigations on topics related to life in school. They summarize the results, focusing on a humorous aspect of the research. As groups present their findings, classmates evaluate each investigation and honor the ultimate humorous scientific achievement.
Design a Plant-Based Product
Students select a plant, investigate its traits and design something useful that mimics one of the plant's characteristics. Then they sketch a model of their design and write a brief description of its plant-based features.
Establish An Anti-Bullying Program
Students discuss what a bully is and identify different types of bullying they've seen. Then they create an anti-bullying program with rules for how to act, advice for younger students, guidelines for social media or ways to counter bullying through a positivity campaign.
Map Native American History
Students will create a new official state map, plotting and identifying natural wonders by their original Native American names. They will conduct research to learn more about each location. Then the class will discuss how using the original names of natural wonders can help people better understand the state’s cultural history.
Create A Hunger Relief Plan
Students will create a hunger relief plan for their school's unused cafeteria food. Students will present their final plan to their school's leaders. They will lobby for permission to turn the plan into a working program to feed hungry people in their local area.
Create A Public Service Announcement
Students will create a public service announcement. They will present their PSA to the class and challenge classmates to identify the purpose and central message. The class will discuss how the content and approach of each message is tailored to attract a specific target audience.
Write A Message in A New Language
Students will create new words or a new language. Using a set of rules, students will decipher messages and write a response in the new language. After the messages have been deciphered, the class will discuss the activity.
Investigate a Job
Students will create an informational poster about a job of their choice. They will work together to categorize jobs by type or industry and analyze the results. Students will identify jobs or industries that look promising for the future and those that they predict will become a thing of the past.
Write a Review
Students explore the key elements of writing a review. They use those elements to write a review of their summer. Students share their summer vacation reviews in small groups. They analyze each review to determine whether or not the rating is accurate and the writer was fair in his or her assessment of the events.
Identify and Share Goals
Invite students to share their finished boxes with the class. Encourage students to explain why they chose one or more of their goals. Challenge them to outline how they can accomplish their goals. Collect all boxes. Use them during the school year as a way to inspire students to continually strive to reach their goals.
Create a virtual reality experience / Write a marketing plan
Review each plan. Encourage students to describe their virtual-reality experiences. Assess how well each idea is depicted in the illustrations. Challenge students to explain why each experience is a relevant, meaningful way to promote the film and how it fits into the overall marketing plan.
Analyze Facts and Fiction / Analyze Movies
Review the results as a class. Challenge students to satisfactorily defend each item. Encourage them to share all supporting information, identify all sources used and explain why each source is credible.
Design an Athletic Uniform
Invite students to read their biographies and share their displays with the class. Encourage classmates to examine each design to determine how well the uniforms meet the form, function and fashion needs of each client.
Analyze Perceptions and Stereotypes
Invite students to share their ideas with the class. Challenge them to explain how they can use this lesson to improve their interactions with others.
Create a Webcomic
Invite students to share their webcomics with the class. Evaluate each to identify how students incorporated narrative elements and the parts of a comic—text, layout and design and angles—into the finished product. As a class, discuss how each webcomic helps explain the selected topic.
Create a Disaster Relief Kit
Invite students to share their plans and a photo of their kits with the class. Examine the plans and kits to ensure that they contain all of the necessary items.
Create a Campaign Slogan
Students should tie their slogans to one key issue in the candidate’s campaign. Their slogans should be short, memorable, and linked to common values that will generate a favorable response from voters.
Make a Brochure
All brochures should contain facts and photos relevant to the topic.
Make a Virtual Exhibition
Invite students to present their finished exhibits to the class. Evaluate each based on the requirements for the assignment. Discuss with students how this format can be used to create a virtual exhibit on any subject.
Volunteer in Your Community
After students complete their volunteer project, hold a class discussion to recap what happened. Encourage students to share how they contributed during the day.
Play a Game to Review Content
Administer a "post-game wrap-up," which consists a of practice spelling test or a collection of the questions you wish to review. Perform the wrap-up as a class or in small groups. Revisit any words or questions that students are still struggling to understand.
Analyze Leadership Qualities
After each presentation, encourage classmates to compare the candidate's qualifications to the list of traits and characteristics the class has identified. After all candidates have been introduced, poll the class to see which of leaders they would most like to have in charge. Challenge students to explain why this candidate rose above the others.
Make a Brochure / Calculate Time
Invite groups to share their brochures with the class. Inspect each to determine that it tells about at least one time-related event.
Create an Optical Illusion
Invite students to share their drawings with the class. Instruct them to identify what their eyes see and what their brains know. Challenge students to pinpoint elements in their drawings that cause their eyes to misinterpret the information.
Explore Point of View / Write in First Person
Invite students to share their finished stories with the class. Encourage students to share what they liked most about each story. After hearing all of the stories, invite students to share examples of how authors used the character’s observations to tell the story from his or her perspective. Analyze how presenting the story from a different point of view could affect someone’s interpretation of the event.
Form a Valid Opinion
Have groups share their lists with the class. Poll the class again to see how students feel about the topic. Did conducting research affect the results? Why? Encourage students to use what they learned to support their opinions.
Write a Poem
Invite students to share their poems with the class. Check to see how closely each follows the format for the specified type of poem.
Analyze Characters
After each performance, challenge classmates to identify which student portrayed each character in the skit. Further evaluate the performances based on the grade-level criteria outlined below.
Identify a path to success
Invite student to share their ideas in small groups. Encourage classmates to brainstorm suggestions for expanding or fine-tuning one another’s ideas.
Make a Timeline / Create an Exhibit
Arrange students’ posters chronologically in the classroom to create a timeline about the topic. Invite other classes to visit and tour the exhibit. Encourage students to answer visitors’ questions about their posters.
Make a Storyboard / Make a Commercial
Invite students to present their storyboards to the class. Evaluate the message and marketability of each commercial.
Write an Inspirational Speech
Invite students to present their speeches to the class. Remind them to incorporate effective techniques in their delivery.