Lexile-to-Grade Correspondence

According to Lexile.com, there is no direct correspondence between a specific Lexile measure and a specific grade level. Each specific Lexile measure can span as many as four grade levels. For instance, a Lexile of 1010L spans Grades 5 through 8. See below:

Typical Text Measures, by Grade CCSS 2012

Grade 1 190L to 530L
Grade 2 420L to 650L
Grade 3 520L to 820L
Grade 4 740L to 940L
Grade 5 830L to 1010L (includes 1010L)
Grade 6 925L to 1070L (includes 1010L)
Grade 7 970L to 1120L (includes 1010L)
Grade 8 1010L to 1185L (includes 1010L)
Grade 9 1050L to 1260L
Grade 10 1080L to 1335L
Grade 11 and 12 1185L to 1385L

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