Lesson #8: Presentations (Robots on Parade!)

Duration: 60 minutes


  1. Share final presentations
  2. Disassemble and put away all materials

Big Questions

  1. What can you learn from seeing other groups’ robots and hearing about their experience?
  2. Why is it important for engineers to share their solutions with peers and the global community?


  • Student devices
  • Projector or interactive board

Setup Guide or Diagram

  • Teacher to write big questions on board for class to review

Sequence of Activities

Activity 1: Hook
Duration: 5 minutes

  • Review expectations of being a good audience member

Activity 2: Presentations
Duration: 40 minutes

  • Observe, take notes, and help keep time

Student: In Groups

  • All groups present!

Materials/Video Guides: Student presentations and completed robots

Activity 3: Clean up
Duration: 10 minutes 

  • Asks students to take apart robots and tidy robotic bins


  • Take apart robots and tidy robotic bins
  • Put away all resources and hand in complete SI Innovation Journals

Activity 4: Exit Ticket
Duration: 5 minutes

  • Share on a sticky note and place on board:
    • What are some ideas from other groups that could have been helpful to incorporate into your solution?

Extension Activities

  • After having seen other solutions, give students time to make one last modification to the robot before putting everything away (if you extend this project to 10 lessons, this could be its own lesson).