Lesson #7: Prepare for Final Presentations

Duration: 60 minutes


  1. Wrap up build and test stage
  2. Prepare for final presentations

Big Questions

  1. What final modifications can be made to improve our robot?
  2. What components of your robot still need modifications?
  3. What are effective communications strategies and techniques?
  4. How did the engineering design cycle inform your final solution?


Setup Guide or Diagram

  • Preload videos and hook up laptop/desktop to projector
  • Teacher to write big questions on board for class to review

Sequence of Activities

Activity 1: Hook
Duration: 5 minutes

  • Review the Engineering Design Cycle and expectations for the day
  • Draw student attention to build and share phase
  • Remind students of their roles (Time Manager, Building Manager, Programming Manager, Documentation Manager)

Materials/Video Guides: Engineering Design Cycle 

Activity 2: Wrap up build and test stage
Duration: ~10 minutes

  • Circulate and provide guidance

Student: In Groups

  • Complete any final tests and modifications to their robot

Activity 3: Prepare for final presentations 
Duration: ~35 minutes 

  • Provide the following instructions:
    • Design and build a 5-10 minute presentation (depending on the number of groups) using either a poster board or online presentation tool
    • Review checklist in SI Innovation Journal
    • Prepare to run 2 demos of your robot
  • Circulate to provide guidance and to watch practice presentations

Student: In Groups

  • Incorporate the answers to the questions from the SI Innovation Journal into the presentation
  • Practice giving their presentations

Materials/Video Guides: SI Innovation Journal, Optional: Research Resources

Activity 4: Clean Up
Duration: 5 minutes

  • Remind "time manager" about clean up and time

Student: Whole Class

  • Put away pieces, tidy work space, and store robotics kits

Activity 5: Exit Ticket
Duration: 5 minutes

  • What was the most challenging part of the engineering design process? Why?

Student: Individually

  • Write answer (in 1-2 sentences) on a sticky note and place it on the board


Presentation Requirements

  • Modify presentation requirements for different groups

Extension Activities