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Where's my username and password?

If you did not receive an email within 5 minutes of submitting your information, our email to you may have been blocked by your school or by your Internet provider such as Cox or Comcast. Please do one of the following in this order:

  1. Look in your spam/junk folder.
  2. Use this link and enter your school email address as your username to reset your password. Then log in using your school email address as your username and the password you created.
  3. Email us and we will send you your username and password a different way.

How Do I Start?

  1. Log in to set up your classroom(s) by clicking on the manage classrooms & students link we sent in our welcome email to you. The manage classrooms & students link appears in the list of for teachers links on the right side of the homepage after you log in.
  2. Use the manage classrooms & students link to rename your classrooms, add students, delete students or retrieve your students' usernames and passwords.
  3. Then ask your students to log in and select a story from the Topics menu or the homepage of TeenTribune, TweenTribune, TTJunior or TTEspañol and create a comment about the story. Comments do not appear until you publish them.
  4. Then log in and click the comments awaiting approval link to review, then publish, your students' comments. This link displays within the list of for teachers links that appear on the right side of the homepage after you log in. If you have more than one classroom, choose the classroom you want using the change classroom pulldown.

What are the 10 best ways to use the sites?

  1. Kill three birds with one stone: Meet requirements for reading, writing and computer technology.
  2. Encourage expression: Pick a controversial story and ask students to post a persuasive argument for their opinion. Or ask students to find a comment they disagree with, then ask them to post facts that make an effective, opposing argument.
  3. Teach basic online skills to the youngest students: Sign up, log in, browse and blog.
  4. Tap the topic you teach. If you teach Science, ask your students to comment on Science stories. If you teach Art, Health, World History or Technology, there's a topic for you.
  5. Start a conversation. Ask every student to blog on a particular story, then use their responses as the basis for classroom discussion.
  6. Divide and conquer. Grade your students on spelling, punctuation & grammar on Week 1, then oral expression on Week 2, then written communication on Week 3. Create rubrics for each, then rinse and repeat. New stories appear every day, so there's no risk of repetition.
  7. Test comprehension. Ask students to post a summary of the day's top stories to demonstrate that they understand.
  8. Foster collaboration. Ask teams of students to present a "newscast" based on the stories they like best.
  9. Meet Common Core State Standards: See list
  10. Make it a homework assignment. TweenTribune is where kids are when they're at home - on the computer.

How have other teachers used the site?

How do I add or delete a student?

Log in, then click the manage classrooms link that displays within the list of for teachers links that appears on the homepage after you log in.

How do I retrieve a student's username or password?

Log in, then click the manage classrooms link that displays within the list of for teachers links that appears on the homepage after you log in.

Why can't I see or find my students' comments?

There are several reasons for comments that fail to appear:

* Comments do not appear until a teacher publishes them.

  1. Log in as the teacher of the classroom or select the appropriate classroom using the change classroom pulldown above the for teachers links.
  2. Click on comments awaiting approval using the for teacher links which appear on the right side of the homepage.
  3. Tick the box to the left of the comment(s) you want to publish on your comments awaiting approval page.
  4. Then use the update options and select publish the selected comments.
  5. The click the update button to publish the comment(s).

* Some students do not hit the "save" button after they "preview," so their comments aren't saved or they didn't save their entries at all.

Here's how to see whether your students have saved their comments:

  1. Log in as the student and click on the student's my comments awaiting approval link to be sure comments have been saved by the student.
  2. If the student has saved his/her comments, then the comments should appear in the student's lists and your list of comments awaiting approval after you log in as the student's teacher.

* You may be looking in the wrong classroom.

  1. When you select comments awaiting approval, you only see the comments of the students in the classroom you previously selected. To manage a different classroom, select it from the "Change Classroom" pulldown, which appears directly above the for teacher links.
  2. Wait a moment to two for the screen to refresh, then the screen will display the name of the classroom you selected in orange on the right side of the page above the change classroom pulldown.

* The comment you are looking for is "buried" beneath hundreds of more recently created comments.

Some stories have more than 1,000 published comments. And comments are published online based on the date they were created by students, rather than the date the comments were published by teachers. So, if a teacher publishes a student's comment that was created several days ago, and if the story has many comments published, then it may be difficult to find that published comment beneath the story.

But you can always find your students comments by clicking my class's comments.

* The database may take up to 10 minutes to refresh to display all comments.

How do I get an answer to a specific question via email?

Click here to contact us.