TTribune Conduct Rules,, or (hereinafter referred to collectively as "TTribune") is a free online educational service offered by the Smithsonian for use by K-12 teachers and students, including text, photos, graphics, audio and/or videos materials prepared by the Smithsonian and others, about current events, history, art, culture, and science. TTribune is a moderated comment sharing community that provides opportunities for registered users to communicate with other participates. TTribune also includes lessons and instructional and assessment tools where registered Teachers can assign educational content (like news stories) to the students they register and the students using a screen name have the ability to create comments which, if approved by their Teacher, are then published either to the other students within the Teacher's TTribune classroom page, or publicly on TTribune. Your use of TTribune as a registered teacher or student is subject to the below terms and conditions.

Conduct Rules for Teachers: Get it Right from the Start

Registration Matters. You may only create student accounts for a minor if (i) you are the parent or legal guardian of the minor, or (ii) if you have obtained prior verifiable parental consent. A parent consent form is available here and in Spanish. Do not create student screen names that are personally identifiable (i.e., first and last names, email addresses or phone numbers).

Set the Ground Rules. Teachers, parents, or legal guardians, are responsible for sharing these Conduct Rules with the students they register as users on TTribune, and for guiding student compliance with these Rules.

Conduct Rules for All Users: What To Do On TTribune

Play Nice. Be polite and respectful in your postings, even when expressing disagreement. The Smithsonian wants all learners, no matter what their age, background, or experience, to feel comfortable and safe when using TTribune.

Remain Relevant. TTribune is for educational use, only. Do not use TTribune for other purposes. Keep your communications and postings on topic.

Be Yourself. Don't create multiple accounts or pretend to be someone else. Don't share or use other people's usernames and passwords.

Stay Safe. Please do not post information that is private or personally identifiable to you or another user (such as name or contact information) and do not request such information from other users. Information posted on TTribune is visible to other users, and the public (if the teacher selects public status).

Give Credit. If you are inspired by somebody else's work, say so in your comment and give that somebody his or her due credit. Obtain permission before including another person's work in your comment.

Be Accountable. You are solely responsible for your activities on TTribune, including any consequences of your activities.

The Smithsonian reserves the right to monitor your use of TTribune and take down, or not post your content, suspend your account, or block your access if, in the Smithsonian's sole judgment, your activity appears to violate these rules, the terms of use, or otherwise disrupt user experience and/or network operations. Misconduct that violates the law also may result in a fine or imprisonment. The Smithsonian assumes no responsibility for your activities on TTribune, for the posting of any content that violates these rules, or for any failure or delay to take down or otherwise respond to content that violates these rules or law.

Allow Reuse. By posting content, you are giving the Smithsonian, those authorized by the Smithsonian, and other TTribune users permission to use your posting for any purpose so long as you are given appropriate credit and indication if changes were made.

Tell us about it! We welcome your feedback. Contact us via email.

If you have a complaint or comment about another user's activity, you may "flag" the comment for Smithsonian review and/or you may contact us via email.

Keep up with the latest. The Smithsonian is continuing to develop TTribune. If any new developments require updates to these rules, the Smithsonian will post the updates here.

What Not To Do on TTribune

Don't be a violator. TTribune is not a space for abuse, bullying, curses, harassment, hate, partisan-politics, pornography, threats, or vulgarity, or any other postings that could be harmful to minors. The Smithsonian reserves the right not to post content of this nature and to remove postings that it determines are of this nature, and, if necessary, to refer such postings to appropriate authorities.

Don't expect privacy. Although the Smithsonian does not regularly monitor anyone's use of TweenTribune, the Smithsonian may do so at any time to better understand the site's functionality, public interest, and compliance with these rules. The Smithsonian may share information it receives through TTribune as described in the TTribune Frequently Asked Questions, the Smithsonian Kids Online Privacy Statement and the Smithsonian Privacy Policy.

Don't be creepy. Don't solicit or collect information about other users. Do not use communications tools to "stalk" or arrange personal meet ups. If another TTribune user seeks to arrange a personal meet up with you, report that conduct to your parent, legal guardian, or teacher, and to your local authorities. In addition, you may report the conduct to us via email.

Don't Abuse. Don't post/upload or do anything that could be harmful to minors. Don't introduce viruses, worms, or other programs that could damage software, hardware, or other equipment. Don't disrupt or interfere with other users' ability to use TTribune. Don't violate the website terms of use [link] or law or otherwise misuse TTribune. Violations may result in account suspension; violations of law may result in criminal prosecution, imprisonment, or fine.

IN CONCLUSION: The Smithsonian developed these Conduct Rules to create a safe K-12 learning environment. If you feel that you cannot follow these rules, TTribune may not be right for you.

If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you via email.