Would you pay to put your music on the moon?
Would you pay to put your music on the moon? A picture of Earth taken by Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969, while in orbit around the moon (NASA photos)
Would you pay to put your music on the moon?
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It's the moon mission for the masses.

A project to fund a private lunar exploration mission has begun. It offers the public the chance to take part.

For as little as $15, Lunar Mission One gives the public a chance to buy space on memory discs. The discs will be buried in a hole drilled into the lunar surface.

The public will be invited to leave music, photos and videos on the discs, helping create a chronicle of the people of Earth. Those offering more funding will leave more data, including DNA in the form of a strand of hair.

The mission plans to land a spacecraft on the moon in 10 years. It will drill a hole at least 21 yards but possibly as deep as 109 yards to access lunar rock that is billions of years old.

It will use crowd-funding platform Kickstarter to finance its development phase.

"We have carried out research and been quite surprised by how keen people are," said David Iron, a British engineer. "School kids think the idea of having a bit of themselves on the moon is fantastic."

Lunar Mission One hopes to tap into the excitement surrounding the European Space Agency's recent historic first. The agency landed a washing machine-sized spacecraft on a comet that was speeding through our solar system at 41,000 mph.

Critical thinking challenge: Why is Lunar Mission One only offering a chance to bury data on the moon? Why arent they offering a guarantee?

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  • jaelync
    11/24/2014 - 08:33 a.m.

    that would be really cool. say someone in 30 years went to the moon and dug hole the would fined the stuff we put. so then people in the futrue could see how earth was like today!!!!

  • SD2000green
    11/24/2014 - 08:37 a.m.

    The reason why Lunar Mission One is only offering a chance and not a guarantee is because our technology is too underdeveloped to actually assure that anything that goes into space will reach its destination. There's also the problem where there'd have to be tons of money involved to actually get some type of space device that is able to leave Earth's atmosphere and land successfully on the moon.

  • R.A.Micheal
    11/24/2014 - 08:37 a.m.

    They are offering a chance because they do not know if they can actually do it yet, that is why they are being funded on Kickstarter so they can get money to actually do it, but if not enough people support this idea then they will not be able to do so.

  • ad2000softball
    11/24/2014 - 08:39 a.m.

    They can't really guarantee anything. They can't because they don't know what could happen. They could lose the data, objects, etc. at anytime during the mission. Plus, there's no guarantee that the mission will go perfect.

  • kr2001panda
    11/24/2014 - 08:39 a.m.

    problem the reason that mission one want to bring data to the moon is at if a person wanted to live on the moon they would have data like music or video games on the laptop.

  • bc117-Sch
    11/24/2014 - 10:32 a.m.

    In response to "Would you Pay To Put Your Music on the Moon?,"I agree that it would be . One reason I agree/disagree is that ____________. Another reason is that _______________. It says in the article ____________________ (more details). A third reason ____________________. ____________________ (more details). Even though ______, I think

  • Keegen
    11/24/2014 - 10:45 a.m.

    The Moon is a very interesting place that few will be able to experience. I think it would be very cool to have something on the moon!

  • MatthewM12
    11/24/2014 - 10:47 a.m.

    I wonder if you can pay to put other objects on the moon besides music, pictures, and videos on space discs. Also, how would the price increase if it says, "For as little as $15."

  • Ginger S.
    11/24/2014 - 10:49 a.m.

    I think that this is a great idea. I would do something like put Green Day or Blink 182 on the moon because they slay.

  • stevan29
    11/24/2014 - 10:50 a.m.

    I Think its a good idea to be able to buy a part of the moon. people will be rushing to pay $15 for a part of space. The company will make a huge profit

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