Obama invites Trump to meet, congratulates him on victory
Obama invites Trump to meet, congratulates him on victory People gather outside the West Wing of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016, as they wait for the arrival of President-elect Donald Trump to the White House for his meeting with President Barack Obama. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
Obama invites Trump to meet, congratulates him on victory
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President Barack Obama invited President-elect Donald Trump to meet with him to discuss the handover of power from his administration to Trump's.
The White House said Obama, a Democrat, called the Republican in the early hours of Nov. 9 to congratulate him on his victory in the presidential campaign. The result marked a forceful rebuke by voters to Obama's eight years in office. The two leaders will meet today, Thursday, Nov. 10, at the White House. Obama was to update Trump about planning for the transition.
Obama was to offer his first reaction to the election in a televised statement. The White House said Obama would focus on "what steps we can take as a country to come together after this hard-fought election season."
"Ensuring a smooth transition of power is one of the top priorities the president identified at the beginning of the year. And a meeting with the president-elect is the next step," White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement.
For Obama, the act of holding the meeting is a blow to his legacy and to his hopes for leaving a lasting imprint on the nation's policies. Trump has vowed to overturn much of what Obama accomplished. They include his signature health care law, the Iran nuclear deal and a painstakingly negotiated trade deal with Asia.
Obama also called Hillary Clinton after it became clear she'd lost the race. The White House said Obama had "expressed admiration for the strong campaign she waged throughout the country."
It was unclear how substantive Obama's call was with Trump. Or, how long it lasted. The White House noted that Obama placed the call from his residence in the White House, rather than from the West Wing.
Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, described it as a "warm conversation" and a "gracious exchange." She said Trump had missed the president's original call as Trump was speaking to supporters in New York. Trump called him back.
Like Clinton and other Democrats, Obama didn't appear to see Trump's victory coming. As he campaigned vigorously for Clinton, Obama said he was confident that when Americans voted, they'd choose against electing the billionaire. Trump made his fortune in real estate. He also is a former reality TV star. He has no formal government experience.
Obama had warned supporters that "the fate of the republic" rested on Clinton defeating Trump on Election Day.

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Why were so many people surprised by Trump's victory?
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  • juliamc-pel
    11/15/2016 - 09:27 a.m.

    They didn't think people would choose the billionaire because he didn't have any government experience.

  • cynthiac-how
    11/15/2016 - 12:53 p.m.

    A lot of people were surprised because they might've thought that Hillary Clinton would've won but she didn't and some people were surprised because Donald Trump one so it depends who you vote or who lost and they have a reaction.

  • ismaelv-how
    11/15/2016 - 12:54 p.m.

    i think that was nice of Obama to give Donald trump the transition of power

  • ismaelv-how
    11/15/2016 - 12:56 p.m.

    i think it was nice to give Donald trump transition of power

  • omara-how
    11/15/2016 - 12:57 p.m.

    So many People were Surprised about Trump's Victory in the Election because all the Things Donald J.Trump has said has Affected Everyone and People has been thinking that Hillary was Definitely going to Win. They also thought he Wouldn't win because his Lack of Government Experience.

  • tiffanyd-how
    11/15/2016 - 12:58 p.m.

    I think it was right for Obama to bring Trump to the white house and show him around so he can take be in charge of the half of the world

  • angelm4-how
    11/15/2016 - 12:59 p.m.

    So many people were surprised because they thought that he wasn't going to win because many women supported Hillary on being the first women president, not Trump

  • brycew-orv
    11/17/2016 - 11:19 a.m.

    I was very sad that he won the election. and I was surprised by the all the states he won

  • gavinc-moo
    11/17/2016 - 12:42 p.m.

    I am glad that we atleast have a president

  • jlilly-dav
    11/17/2016 - 06:30 p.m.

    In response to "Obama meets trump to meet,congratulate his victory," I agree that it was a good talk because they went over business for when trump starts. One reason I agree is that before Obama meets him he calls to congratulate him . Another reason is that Obama held the meeting and that's above him legacy. It says in the article For Obama, the act of holding the meeting is a blow to his legacy and to his hopes for leaving a lasting imprint on the nation's policies. A third reason is it states that meeting with the president is the next step. Even though trump doesn't much to do with government and only wit television , I think Obama will like him as the next president.

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