Everybody makes mistakes, even California
Everybody makes mistakes, even California This combination of images shows a misspelled sign which was covered and then removed in Southern California (AP photos)
Everybody makes mistakes, even California
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No one noticed the mistake until the morning after the sign was installed above Interstate 710 in Southern California.

A subcontractor had misspelled Olympic Boulevard. An "I'' was used in place of the "Y."

The large green exit sign was covered with a tarp and eventually removed but not before drivers snapped and tweeted photographs of the mega-typo.

Caltrans spokeswoman Kelly Markham tells the Los Angeles Times that the subcontractor will pay for a new sign. It is one of many improvements underway on the freeway as part of a pavement rehabilitation project.

Critical thinking challenge: Why was the sign covered before it was removed?

Source URL: https://www.tweentribune.com/article/tween78/everybody-makes-mistakes-even-california/

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  • jiminyg-Tho
    12/02/2014 - 11:58 a.m.

    It was covered because the I in Olympic was supposed to be a Y and not an I that's why the tarp was on the sign. I think that they were just ashamed of there mistake that the made on the sign.

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