Boy Scouts museum moving to New Mexico
Boy Scouts museum moving to New Mexico This March 18, 2016, photo provided by John Churchill shows Boy Scouts of America museum artifacts from the 1930s, including a sash with rank and merit badge patches, canteen, first aid kit, pocket knife, and flashlight, as well as a copy of the Third Edition of the "Handbook for Boys," featuring cover artwork by Norman Rockwell. (John Churchill via AP/AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
Boy Scouts museum moving to New Mexico
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From merit badges and uniforms to an impressive collection of Norman Rockwell paintings and drawings, the Boy Scouts of America will be packing up more than a century of scouting history. They will take it to the wilds of northern New Mexico.
The organization will move its national museum from its current home in Texas to the Philmont Scout Ranch. The ranch has served as an adventure destination for generations of troops and their families.
Plans call for expanding the existing Philmont Museum and Seton Memorial Library to make room for a national collection. It includes more than 600,000 items and reams of historical documents and photographs.
Construction is expected to start next year, with the opening planned for 2018.
Boy Scouts officials didn't say how much the project will cost. But they're committed to preserving the 100-year history of the scouting movement through the museum's extensive collection. They say all the artifacts, fine art and documentation provides a look at Scouting's influence on American culture.
The Philmont Ranch hosts more than 32,000 visitors each year. Officials say more people will get to see the national collection.
"We ... decided that relocating the museum to the iconic Philmont Scout Ranch best accelerates what the museum is trying to accomplish," Rick Bragga, chairman of the museum support committee, said in a statement.
The official museum of the Boy Scouts of America got its start in New Brunswick, New Jersey, in 1959. It was moved to the grounds of Murray State University in Kentucky in 1986. Then it was relocated in 2002 to Irving, Texas, adjacent to the organization's National Service Center.
The collection includes items from each of the national jamborees. In addition, it has rare merit badges, pocket knives and compasses. Historical records, speeches, photographs and dozens of examples of the artwork commissioned by the organization are included in the collection. These helped to deliver the Scouting message.
As for Rockwell, he was best known for his covers of The Saturday Evening Post magazine. They captured the spirit and popular culture of everyday American life.
In 1912, he was hired for his first gig as a staff artist for Boy's Life magazine. It is an official publication of the Boy Scouts. He went on to become the magazine's art editor. He later created 51 original images for the official Boy Scouts annual calendar.
In all, the decades-long partnership between Rockwell and the Scouts generated 471 images. They appeared in periodicals, guidebooks and promotions. The museum's collection includes 48 original Rockwell paintings.

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  • allisonw-bla
    1/27/2017 - 01:02 p.m.

    Scouting influenced American culture by, providing a scout group, where boys can learn more about life, and nature, and more things on how to be a man. For example, the boy scouts of America, are going to an organization to the wilds, of New Mexico. The boys will probably learn how to start fires, and other fun stuff to do in the wild. In my opinion, I liked this story because from experience, my brother and my dad are boy scouts, and are in a troop. Sometimes when they go to their meetings, I go also, and get to learn about what they do.

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