Smog delays flights in China
Smog delays flights in China A star is twinkling above a pedestrian wearing a mask silhouetted against the city skyline shrouded in heavy smog in Beijing Monday, Jan. 2, 2017. Beijing and other cities across northern and central China were shrouded in thick smog Monday, Jan. 2, 2017, prompting authorities to delay dozens of flights and close highways. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)
Smog delays flights in China
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Beijing and other cities across northern and central China recently have been shrouded in smog. This has prompted authorities to delay dozens of flights. Some highways also have been closed.
The Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau extended an "orange alert" Jan. 2. The bureau predicted heavy air pollution for three more days. Beijing's smog had initially been forecast to lift by then.
The "orange alert" is the third level. That precedes a "red alert" in China's four-tiered warning system. On Jan. 1, 25 cities in China issued "red alerts" for smog. The alerts trigger orders to close factories, schools and construction sites.
Air pollution readings in northern Chinese cities were many times above the World Health Organization-designated safe level. That number is 25 micrograms per cubic meter of PM 2.5. Those are the tiny, toxic particles that damage lung tissue. The readings exceeded 400 on Jan. 2 in several cities. These were in the northern province of Hebei.
Expressways in Shijiazhuang, Hebei's capital, and more than a half-dozen other cities there were temporarily closed.
In the central city of Zhengzhou, authorities ordered students to stay home Jan. 3. The smog was too bad.
More than 300 flights out of the northern city of Tianjin were canceled Jan. 1. This was due to poor visibility.
Authorities have deployed teams of inspectors. They are checking on polluting factories, reports said.
China has long faced some of the worst air pollution in the world. The smog is blamed on the country's reliance of coal. It is used for energy and factory production. In addition, the country has a surplus of older, less efficient cars.
Researchers at Germany's Max Planck institute have estimated that smog has led to 1.4 million premature deaths per year in China. The nonprofit group Berkeley Earth in California uses a higher figure. It says 1.6 million.

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Why is smog a bigger issue in China than the U.S.?
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  • khadijan-bur
    1/06/2017 - 01:07 p.m.

    Smog is a bigger issue in China than the U.S. because it has reached more extreme than the U.S. I am basing my answer off of inferring and previous knowledge of the U.S. history in Smog climate it has created some difficulties but is not as extreme as China's where it would kill 1.4 million people a year. This relates to me because here in the U.S. we experience some huge weather problem such as our past one Hurricane Susan but it shows how some people think a little bit of Rain or a drought is tragic and start complaining where they are people in China who have lost their lives and jobs due to factory closing and the issue of Smog

  • samanthas-1-ste
    1/06/2017 - 01:26 p.m.

    Smog is bigger in China because there is way more of it. I have read many articles about it, but it is getting really bad. I cannot believe it actually delayed flights.

  • nathanm14-ste
    1/06/2017 - 01:48 p.m.

    Too many people live in China, plain and simple. This is why they have so many smog issues. But they aren't all to blame. Considering almost all of the factories in China are either making Nike shoes or plastic army men for the U.S. it is probably out fault. And the 1.2 million people driving around like maniacs does not help either.

  • shaylap-bur
    1/06/2017 - 08:22 p.m.

    Smog is a bigger issue in China than the U.S. because it has more polluted areas. I learned about pollution in 3rd grade.

  • irisp-ste
    1/09/2017 - 09:14 a.m.

    In the US, there are only a few locations that produce air pollution to lead to smog issues. In big cities, such as Los Angeles, the sky is filled with this smog, unlike smaller towns and country area that does not produce great quantities of the harmful gases in the air. However, in China, there are many more locations with factions and emissions that would cause more of the country to have smog.

  • metau-cel
    1/09/2017 - 10:01 a.m.

    Smog is a bigger issue in China because China is smaller than the US but it has a lot more people. The US has approximately 318 million people while China has over 1 billion. Due to over population of China and such large factories and companies this causes much smog to be produced. The US has many people but no where near that and there is much more dispersion of our companies and people. In China everything is right next to each other and there is no where in the city that is underpopulated.

  • holdenj-orv
    1/10/2017 - 01:04 p.m.

    China has Smog. Why: REAGAN SHIPPED ALL OUR JOBS TO LOW-HEALTHCARE CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nailahe-mil
    1/10/2017 - 03:41 p.m.

    Smog is a more trending issue in China mostly because there is a lot more pollution there and a lot more causes for hazardous materials to infect the atmosphere.

  • nataliew-mil
    1/10/2017 - 03:50 p.m.

    The smog is so thick in China because there is a lot of pollution in China because of all the factories.

  • daniela1-mil
    1/10/2017 - 03:57 p.m.

    China needs to stop using and producing coal because you can't even exercise there without having asthma.

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