Police issue tickets for good behavior
Police issue tickets for good behavior One way people might get a good behavior ticket is by wearing their helmet when riding a bike. (Thinkstock)
Police issue tickets for good behavior
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Getting a ticket from police in one Massachusetts town isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Concord's police department says it plans to issue up to 200 "citations." They are for good behavior. That could include such things as wearing a bicycle helmet. It might include wearing a seat belt, yielding to pedestrians at a crosswalk or looking both ways before crossing a street.
Police Chief Joseph O'Connor says it's a light-hearted way to connect positively with the community.
Instead of a fine or a court appearance, these citations can be redeemed for two scoops of ice cream at Reasons to be Cheerful. It's a local dessert cafe. The owner of the restaurant is Wade Rubinstein. He agreed to donate the ice cream.

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What other good behavior could police reward?
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  • lopez-barnes,kaliyah-cas
    10/22/2015 - 06:12 p.m.

    1. Policeman can reward a driver because they were wearing a bicycle helmet, or they might wear a seat belt and most of all; yielding to pedestrians at a crosswalk or looking both ways before crossing a street.

    2. I learned that you can give tickets to drivers for doing the right thing, and that it's a way to show that police man appreciate that kind of things.

  • dashiellg-3-bar
    10/22/2015 - 07:33 p.m.

    They could reward picking up trash because it is law to not litter and it helps the environment.

    I thought this was very interesting because I thought police only give tickets for being bad, but I learned otherwise from this article.

  • tialden-1-bar
    10/22/2015 - 07:36 p.m.

    Other good behaviors that the police could reward for doing are not speeding, giving back to the community, and helping out others. The article stated doing stuff like wearing a helmet or wearing a seatbelt. I thought this article was super cool because I would like to get rewarded with ice cream every time I do good.

  • kaled-2-bar
    10/22/2015 - 07:46 p.m.

    Other good behavior police could reward is when someone is not texting while driving.

    I like this article because when I see someone get pulled over I know that they are in trouble and it would be nice to think to myself maybe that person did something good instead of something bad.

  • Jason0421-YYCA
    10/22/2015 - 07:48 p.m.

    I think that it is a good idea for the police to give tickets to those who have done good deeds. I believe that if police were to do give tickets for doing good things, I think that others will try to do good things. Although this is good, if the good doings are not being done by heart, there is no point.

  • darianv-3-bar
    10/22/2015 - 07:56 p.m.

    other ways to be rewarded could include picking up trash along the streets, using the crosswalk, or being accident free. this article is interesting because people normally do good things and never get rewarded, so its a good improvement.

  • nicolea-6-bar
    10/22/2015 - 08:27 p.m.

    Other good behaivior could be obeying the speed limit, and letting the pedestrian or other driver have the right away.

  • markm-3-bar
    10/22/2015 - 08:44 p.m.

    Police could also award if people did random acts of kindness towards other people or maybe helping out the homeless.

    This article is interesting because I think that it's cool that a small town got together to do this type of interactive thing

  • raymunda-4-bar
    10/22/2015 - 08:52 p.m.

    Good behavior that police could reward are you could not text while walking or driving. It seems interesting because I didn't think that a police would give you a ticket for doing something good and avoid trouble. What shocked me is that you actually get a reward for doing good (ice cream).

  • annabel1226-yyca
    10/22/2015 - 09:04 p.m.

    Why Massachusetts town goes easy with the ticket. In L.A if you don't follow that rule you have to pay thousands of fine.
    (Maybe) How is this possible? You could exchange a ice cream for a fine. You could get ice cream at any time, but why did they buy ice cream exchange of fine? I think Massachusetts town shouldn't go easy on the town they should go harsh on them. If I were the police I would tell the citizen that they must pay 1000 fine. I would go harsh on them. I would go easy on people who are kind and people who I know. If I do it like that I think the town would go well.

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