Lightning strike gives student new outlook on life
Lightning strike gives student new outlook on life (Thinkstock)
Lightning strike gives student new outlook on life
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A college student who was struck by lightning last spring has returned to the University of Dayton. He has a new outlook on life.
Sean Ferguson is 23-yearsold and is from Pittsburgh. He spent months in rehab healing from his broken bones and burns. He expects to graduate from the Ohio college in December.
He was walking home in Dayton in April when he was struck by lightning. Several passers-by rushed to help him and one gave him CPR.
Ferguson calls that man his "guardian angel."
"He learned CPR just two days beforehand at the only airport in the country that has a CPR kiosk," Ferguson told WKEF-TV. "It is safe to say he is the reason I am here."
Ferguson suffered a broken jaw and burns to more than 35 percent of his body the university said. A GoFundMe account was created to help with Ferguson's medical bills. He has received more than $17,000.
He said he still feels the sensation of pins and needles from his knees to his toes and he had to go through physical therapy to relearn how to walk.
Twenty-two lightning-related deaths have been reported so far this year. That is compared with 26-reported last year and 23 reported in 2013. That is according to the National Weather Service.
Ohio ranked fourth highest in the nation with 146 lightning-related deaths reported from 1959 to 2013. That is according to a report made available through the weather service.
Ferguson told the Dayton Daily News that he has a new outlook on life. He said he plans to start jogging and running. He hopes to get back to playing sports and other outdoor activities.
"I am just realizing how fragile life can be and that it can be taken at any given moment," he said. "I do not take anything for granted now."
He said he plans to meet the man who gave him CPR soon.

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Why did Sean suffer burns?
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  • simons-
    8/28/2015 - 11:32 a.m.

    SCARY!..but cool.I liked it a lot it was interesting.

  • michaelw-
    8/28/2015 - 11:54 a.m.

    I cant believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marky-ver
    8/28/2015 - 03:00 p.m.

    How did that happene and is the lighting hotter than the surface of the sun and this is reall nice and i hope he is happy now

  • angelinaf-ver
    8/30/2015 - 01:42 p.m.

    I thought this article was shocking, interesting, and inspiring. I thought it was shocking and interesting because I have never read anything like it and I thought it was sad that things like that really do happen. I thought it was inspiring because even after everything that happened he keeps trying and wants to get back to playing sports and isn't giving up.

    • lashleya-rei
      9/21/2015 - 03:49 p.m.

      I like that you gave a lot of details from the article.

    • matthewsr-rei
      9/21/2015 - 03:56 p.m.

      i agree this person had to of been very brave to go through this i could of never done it!On the other side just think of the life story he could tell everyone.

  • madhur-was
    8/31/2015 - 01:43 a.m.

    Critical thinking challenge:Why did Sean suffer burns?

    Sean suffered many burns due to the lightning. The lightning contains static electricity which would burn a person because of the dangerous waves and heat produced in them. That is why he suffered many burns.

  • nehes-was
    8/31/2015 - 03:50 a.m.

    Sean Ferguson is 23-year-old collage student. He was walking home in Dayton when suddenly he was struck by lightning. Sean suffered burns and broken bones after the incident had happened. He suffered burns because lightning is theorized to be hotter than the surface of the sun, thus this is the reason why Sean suffered burns.

    8/31/2015 - 08:21 a.m.

    Sean was in the fourth highest area in the nation for lightning related deaths, and he was struck by a bolt of lightning. The bolt of lightning can burn a human to crisp in the matter of an instant. For the most part if he hadn't been in Ohio this would be considered an even weirder freak accident in most other states and may have been more likely to be killed by the bolt of lightning.

  • hankw-nar
    8/31/2015 - 08:37 a.m.

    I am glad he lived.Hope he gets back to sports.

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