Journey to World Festival - Meet Us in St. Louis! (- Chloe)
Journey to World Festival - Meet Us in St. Louis!

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Chloe here, with one last post before the big event, the FIRST World Festival. With the clock ticking, the countdown is on and we can hardly wait! This week, my teammates and I will be hitting the road for the fifteen-hour drive to St. Louis. The past few days have been filled with preparation, practice, and a lot of packing. Weve filled three minivans with robots, Craft-A-Bot kits, and all the supplies needed to deck out our Geared UP! booth at the Championship.

At the last minute, we even decided to craft a Geared UP! booth sign with huge, sparkling, rotating gears, proving that anything is possible with teamwork! In the midst of all the chaos, we could all use a little more sleep, but our enthusiasm and excitement for the week ahead is keeping us motivated (and awake). We are looking forward to checking out all the other decked-out team booths, and to meeting teams from around the world.

Speaking of checking out the all the fun, why dont you join us in St. Louis? You can watch all the excitement on your laptop or TV, or you could stop by St. Louis and get a first-hand view of the action. Check out this weeks video from the 2014 FIRST Championship to see whats in store for us next week.

As we depart for our World Festival adventure, we would like to say thank you to all our friends, family, mentors, coaches, Smithsonian Tween Tribune, the LEGO Group and the FIRST program. Having the support of so many wonderful people and organizations has helped us realize our goals, and we are honored to be representing our community on the international stage. Thank you!

Join the Robolution, and See You in St. Louis!


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