Great pumpkins! Grower wins trifecta of giant food titles
Great pumpkins! Grower wins trifecta of giant food titles In this Oct. 7, 2017, photo provided by Susan Jutras, Joe Jutras stands with his world record breaking, 2,118-pound squash, following a weigh-in at Frerichs Farm in Warren, R.I. (Susan Jutras via AP)
Great pumpkins! Grower wins trifecta of giant food titles
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A Rhode Island grower is first in the world to achieve three records in the hobby of growing enormous foods. The three world records consist of the heaviest pumpkin and the longest long gourd. And now it includes the heaviest squash.

Joe Jutras previously broke two records. Joe got his third last weekend when he smashed the giant squash record. It  weighed more than a ton. His green squash tipped the scales at 2,118 pounds. This was at Frerichs Farm in Warren last Saturday.

His other titles came in 2006. That is when he broke the record for longest gourd. It was a 126.5-inch gourd. In 2007, he broke the record for largest pumpkin. It weighed in at 1,689 pounds. 

Both previous records have since been surpassed. But Jutras is the only grower so far to break world records in the three most competitive categories.

"It feels great," Jutras said Monday. "It's really been a goal of mine to try to achieve this."

Jutras has been working on the three records for a decade, since his pumpkin win. He was close to the goal a few years ago. But then a squash on track to break the record split. Now 62, Jutras recently retired from his work as a high-end cabinet maker. He wants to devote more time to his hobby.

Jutras noted that others had won multiple world records for fruits and vegetables before. But they won in categories such as carrots that are not as competitive.

He credits a new soil cultivation technique and a seed from last year's world record breaker for this year's win.

Ron Wallace is a multi-time pumpkin record breaker. He called Jutras' feat "unbelievable." He said Jutras' accomplishment showed the best of the hobby. "It's about people competing and pushing the boundaries," he said.

Jutras said his fruit is headed to New York City. It will be on display this month at the New York Botanical Garden.

In February, he'll receive a coveted "green jacket" honor for his squash record. He will get it at the annual convention in Oregon of the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth. It is thought of as the NFL of giant fruit and vegetable growing.

Asked what he plans to do next after achieving the trifecta, he said he's been thinking about the bushel gourd.

"I think the record now is about 279 pounds," Jutras said. "That might be something I might want to get into a bit."

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What might go into growing humongous fruits and vegetables?
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  • Catherine-bla
    10/19/2017 - 03:55 p.m.

    What I think goes into growing humongous fruits and vegetables are all the nutrients put into the fruit, vegetable, or plant. Some nutrients are good for the plant and some of the nutrients help the plant grow.What i found in the article is that the article showed that the contestant took a seed from another big plant and put in into the plant to make the plant grow. And seeds are a type of nutrient. And that is why i think that nutrients are what go into growing humongous fruits and vegetables.

  • Zoe-bla1
    10/19/2017 - 04:24 p.m.

    I thought this story was very interesting. I liked his story because he wanted to set world records for the largest fruit or vegetable. I also thought it was interesting that he spent a decade since his pumpkin win trying to break these records. I think that the people who grow these humongous fruits and vegetables need tons of nutritious soil to grow them in, many chemicals, and a lot of water.

  • Neveahh-orv
    10/20/2017 - 11:43 a.m.

    I think that is really nice I really like pumpkins. Water I really don't know. I think like water, and soil.

  • brycew-orv
    10/21/2017 - 04:41 p.m.

    I have zero clue because I do not grow stuff

  • rachelb-cel
    10/22/2017 - 09:40 p.m.

    I think this article is successful because the topic is something kinda unusual. It's something that you don't always hear about and even if someone doesn't completely relate to it, it is still an interesting subject to read about. It is also something that impresses a reader because it's hard to comprehend a pumpkin weighing almost a full ton.

  • kathrynr-
    10/23/2017 - 08:28 a.m.

    I feel that to get a big fruit you have to leave it in the ground long enough and you have to have a big seed. I think that it is cool that that he got 3 world records. I wonder what he is going to do with it after it goes to New York. I would read more about this topic. I enjoyed this text.

  • Isabela Modanez-fai
    10/23/2017 - 12:25 p.m.

    i think that a lot of chemicals, good soil and fertilizer into the fruits and vegetables.If you want a health fruits/vegetables you need to take good care of then and you also need good soil, if you have dry soil you plant would not grow as much as it could with other types of soil.The fertilizer is good to make plants grow and have strong roots for your plant. Most of people want to make it bigger and stronger, then they and up putting chemicals that some times are good for the plant and,some times it is not good for the plants or for us,plus some chemicals are dangerous.Joe Jutras had good soil and fertilizer for sure after he won 3 vegetables records.

  • Sophia-E2
    10/23/2017 - 01:45 p.m.

    Joe Jutras broke the record for biggest pumpkin or heaviest pumpkin. He lives in Rhode Island. Joe was the first to get three records from his hobby. GROWING OVER-SIZED FOOD!!! The three world records he won: one for biggest pumpkin one for longest gourd, one for heaviest squash. Joe's green squash weighed more than a ton! It was 2,118 pounds! This happened last Saturday. In 2006 he broke the record for longest gourd it was a 126.5-inch gourd. The biggest pumpkin was in 2007 it weighed 1,689 pounds. Both pumpkin and gourd records have been surpassed by other people.

    I think that it is a different hobby to have growing pumpkins to be huge. But its is cool to see how big they can get!

  • Lydiak8
    10/23/2017 - 03:23 p.m.

    I learned that the biggest sqash is over a ton.

  • Bentleyb2019
    10/23/2017 - 03:29 p.m.

    The giant squash was 2,118 pounds the world record for squash.

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