Does tower of ketchup need mountain of mustard?
Does tower of ketchup need mountain of mustard? Traffic passes by a water tower in the shape of a ketchup bottle in Collinsville, Ill. (AP photos)
Does tower of ketchup need mountain of mustard?
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Would you relish having a towering ketchup bottle? It could be yours if you fork over enough money.

A "For Sale" sign is in front of what's billed as the "World's Largest Bottle of Catsup." The landmark that once served as a water tower in the city of Collinsville, east of St. Louis, the Belleville News-Democrat ) reported.

The asking price for the 65-year-old, 170-foot-tall landmark is $200,000. The warehouse adjacent to it listed at $300,000.

The landmark replicates a bottle of Brooks Old Original Rich and Tangy Catsup, which was produced in the buildings beneath the tower. The 100,000-gallon tower held water never ketchup and it hasn't been used since Brooks moved out in the early 1960s.

The plant later became a warehouse used for shipping and trucking operations of Bethel-Eckert, which for four decades serviced military commissaries. Larry Eckert, the owner, initially considered selling the ketchup bottle and warehouse separately, then decided one can't go without the other.

"Whoever would be interested, you'd need the additional land anyway," he said.

Eckert said because the ketchup bottle is on the National Register of Historic Places, he expects the eventual buyer to preserve it.

Critical thinking challenge: Why did the ketchup company need so much water? What's in ketchup?

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  • Blaker-2
    3/04/2015 - 07:37 p.m.

    In this article there is a man who must have inherited the land is selling the land for $500,000 and comes with a giant ketchup water tower and a military ware house that was first used and the ketchup factory. I thought that this article was very interesting because it is registered as a national historic place.

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