Circus brings joy to children in war-torn country Below, a girl of the Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children juggles clubs during a performance in Kabul, Afghanistan. Below left, a boy performs a circus stunt (AP photos)
Circus brings joy to children in war-torn country

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The Afghan children tumble, juggle, smile and laugh as they roll over mats and keep bowling pins in the air. They perform a series of circus feats taught as a rare treat amid their country's decades of war.

Their country, Afghanistan, has had wars for thousands of years. And it does today. The country is far from America. Life is difficult there.

The Mini Mobile Circus for Children is a program run by a nonprofit group supported by foreign embassies and others in Afghanistan. Some 850 children take part in the program. It includes children from refugee families and orphanages.

"We want Afghan children to experience something nonviolent and not related to war and taste a peaceful life to get ready to make a peaceful life in their future," said David Mason, one of the program's leaders.

Recently, the children performed in Kabul. They also did magic tricks and juggled flaming pins. Young girls wearing brightly colored hijabs also took part. In some provinces, the program has no girls participating.

Critical thinking challenge: Give three reasons why a circus can be more entertaining than watching TV.

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  • 22103
    8/14/2014 - 08:48 a.m.

    I feel that this mini circus that helps Afghani children get a glance of a peaceful life. The fact that they have a safe place to learn skills that could bring them joy, and not have to think about the war and violence, is amazing. Sadly, not many children have the opportunity to take place in this program. Its also interesting that they have been able to throw a circus program to help children. In short, a group of amazing people got the backing of several countries and wealthy people to make a circus to help distract children.

  • Alister0206
    8/21/2014 - 03:05 p.m.

    This Article made me fell bad for poor kids who country had wars for thousands of years Luckily The mini moble circus for children is a program for kids to bring up their joy.

  • ShayM-Wil
    10/15/2014 - 10:26 a.m.

    I thought that this story was very touching, because this circus group is shedding some light in this war torn country, and this circus is not doing this for money, they are doing it to make the life of the children there better.

  • SoleilE-5
    10/15/2014 - 11:18 p.m.

    In Afghanistan, during times of war, the Mini Mobile Circus for Children offers young boys (and sometimes girls) a peaceful escape from their violent backgrounds. The circus is run by a non profit organization supported by foreign embassies and others in Afghanistan. The program allows some 850 children from refugee families and orphanages to learn and perform a series of circus tricks, giving them an enjoyable pass time. The program's leaders hope that by letting the kids experience something nonviolent and unrelated to war, it will help them make a more peaceful future.
    I think the Mini Mobile Circus for Children is a wonderful idea. In times of war, the emotions of kids are not really accounted for, and I can only imagine how depressing these times must be. There is no kid in the world who would not love to be taught something they enjoy doing, almost all kids love showing off their skills to their peers. Even though participants go home to violence and dysfunction, I believe there is hope that these experiences will positively affect these kids' forward.

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