Are your SATs just so-so? Submit a video instead!
Are your SATs just so-so? Submit a video instead! (Thinkstock)
Are your SATs just so-so? Submit a video instead!
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A Baltimore-area college is the first in the country to unveil an application option that allows students to submit videos as part of their admissions applications.

Goucher College in Towson announced Thursday that applicants for the 2015-2016 academic year can choose not to submit SAT scores or transcripts, and instead send a two-minute video about why they want to attend the institution.

Other colleges and universities allow students to submit videos as supplements to grades and test scores, but Goucher is the first to consider a video as the primary piece of a prospective student's application.

Goucher is a private college with roughly 1,450 undergraduate students.

Goucher President Jose Bowen said the school introduced the new application option because students are "more than the numbers" on their academic records.

Critical thinking challenge: What advantage does this new policy give Goucher over other colleges?

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  • JohnL-4
    9/07/2014 - 02:02 a.m.

    This article is about a new idea where students can submit a two minute video about why they want to go to the school instead of their SAT scores. The president of the school thinks this should be an option because he believes students are more than numbers. I agree with this policy because some people who don't do well on tests are still smart, and they can have a chance to get into a good school.

  • colleenl-Ste
    9/10/2014 - 08:19 p.m.

    I love this college's perspective saying how people are more than their grades and SAT scores. Because sometimes, people make mistakes in a class or they forget how to do a problem because of all the stress because it's the SATs, biggest test of your life. This college might lift people's spirits if they didn't do so well in schooling and it kind of gives them a second chance.

  • BRafael-Cas
    9/11/2014 - 11:00 a.m.

    I thing that it is better for some student's and they can know what they did badly by their grade.

  • BRafael-Cas
    9/13/2014 - 08:32 p.m.

    Mr. Castanzo i don know how to fix it. can you pleas help me........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................????????????/?????

  • shannons-Koc
    9/14/2014 - 03:45 p.m.

    I found this article to be very interesting due to the fact that I am a senior in high school getting ready for college. There is a lot of opportunities out in the world and I don't think a test score should limit that. For some students testing is easy but for others it's their weak point. I feel that having the option to submit a video will help give students another chance at their future. I think more universities should look into allowing video submissions in replace of a SAT score. This could potentially be a benefit to many students who have the motivation to work hard in school but don't have the test scores to prove it.

  • brianfantana
    9/15/2014 - 02:09 p.m.

    The advantage Goucher has over other colleges due to doing this video application is that they can see how the kid really feels about wanting to get into the college. With a pencil, paper, and numbers you can't really feel how the kid feels about getting into the college. With a video you can actually see if the kids mom is just making them apply or if they actually want to go to the college.

  • TaylorHartman-Ste
    9/15/2014 - 02:33 p.m.

    Personally, I think this new type of application process is really smart and I wish that I would have had that opportunity to use. I have never been great at taking tests, but I obtain great grades so doing a video about why I should attend that school would probably help me out a lot.

  • SoleilE-5
    10/02/2014 - 08:44 p.m.

    Goucher College of Towson, Maryland has become the first college to allow students to submit a two-minute video explaining why they want to go to the university in place of test scores. Even though other colleges have begun to accept video applications along with test scores, Goucher is the first to only demand video applications. This is possibly due to Goucher's small number of students (1,450 undergraduate students) and the fact that Goucher is a private college. The Goucher President, Jose Bown, said the new video application program was introduced because students are "more than the numbers on their academic records".
    It is inevitable that technology will gain more of a grasp on education as time progresses. Even at Hermosa Valley, we are in a hurry to buy as many computers and tablets as possible. However, I don't think technology always has the right effect on education. At Hermosa Valley, the technology is useless because no teachers know how to incorporate it into their lessons. I personally don't think the video application is a good program, it invites arbitrary judgement. The administration could be judging students purely on their appearance or what they're wearing, instead of the students actual academic abilities. The same argument that "students are more than the numbers on their academic records" could be proven more effectively by having students write an essay about themselves, since truly, a video is just a student reading an essay on video. The essay would eliminate any judgement on the student's appearance, voice, public speaking skills, or voice recording skills while still providing information about the student without test scores.

  • RBrianna-Cas
    10/25/2014 - 09:58 p.m.

    I'm glad to know that finally someone has actually came up with another way for students to attend. It's great because some kids don't think they are good enough for collage or they aren't good on the SAT s but now this school wants to see more of the kids personally which I think is amazing.

  • arnavb-win
    9/29/2015 - 07:56 p.m.

    Wow! Way easier than taking SAT to get into colleges. This policy will probably get more students to apply to Goucher. Filming a video will show the creative side of a student and there is no right or wrong in this option, unlike an SAT test.

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