Web app helps with after-school dismissals (Thinkstock)
Web app helps with after-school dismissals

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A web app for parents and school administrators that helps manage the after-school dismissal process has won a tech startup competition sponsored by "Live Free and Start" in New Hampshire.

Maria Edvalson of Mont Vernon, founder of "PickUp Patrol," and team members are meeting on Tuesday with Gov. Maggie Hassan, Live Free and Start advisory council members and others.

The goal is to connect Edvalson with resources to help accelerate her business.

Edvalson says most schools use notes and a phone call system to process changes in children's dismissal. She says her cloud-based web application "calms the chaos of afternoon dismissals."

"Everyday millions of kids head home from school and they are picked up by cars, walk home, or take a bus," Edvalson said. "On the surface things seem fine, but when parents start making changes to their kids' default plans, confusion arises.

"The average school processes over 15,000 of these plan changes a year," she said. "Most schools use the old notes and phone call system which is inconvenient, time consuming, open to error and student mishaps. Our cloud-based web application calms the chaos of afternoon dismissals."

PickUp Patrol was selected from a pool of a dozen applicants. All will receive support from the Live Free and Start council, which helps make it easier for innovation-based companies to start, grow and succeed.

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