Would you pay for poo from a zoo?
Would you pay for poo from a zoo? Frank Cummins, horticulturist at Binder Park Zoo, stands with some of the manure/compost the zoo will have for sale, in Battle Creek, Michigan
Would you pay for poo from a zoo?
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It's called "Zoo Doo." And a zoo in Michigan is selling the stuff.

Zoo Doo is a compost from manure. It's used as a fertilizer to make things grow better.

Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek is hosting a "Zoo Doo" event Thursday and June 5.

The manure comes from animals at the zoo. The animals are herbivores. That means they eat grass and other plants. Those animals include zebra, antelope, giraffe and others, the Kalamazoo Gazette reports.

Zoo Doo will sell for $25 a load to zoo members. Nonmembers will pay $30. The price is a deal, since cow manure can sell for around $2 or $3 a bag.

Binder Park Zoo says it's a "fun and creative way" to raise money. And dispose of waste. It also uses the compost as fertilizer at its facilities.

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