Why does my dog howl at sirens?
Why does my dog howl at sirens? (Thinkstock)
Why does my dog howl at sirens?
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You asked us, "Why does my dog howl at sirens?"
That one has been a head-scratcher for a while. 
It is almost as if sirens have an evil power over most dogs. 
Their heads start to go up. Their doggy-lips start to purse. And out it comes. It is as if they have no control over it. 
The explanation was simple for a long time. It hurts. 
Dogs' hearing is so much more sensitive than ours. A sound might just be annoying to us. But it might be very painful for them. 
Have you ever seen a dog howling along with a fire truck? They do not seem to be unhappy. They look pretty pleased with themselves.
Dog science points us in another direction. To dogs' cousins and ancestors. The wolves.
Wolves do not bark to talk. They howl. Listen to a wolf howl. What is that, girl? That seems to say "I am lonely, friend." Or "Go away, stranger." 
These wolfish replies are also hardwired into your dog's head.
I would put my money on the "Go away" explanation of your dog's big yowl. Why? Because of the dog's smug reaction after a good howl.

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What did people used to believe was the reason their dogs howled at sirens?
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  • lynn-eri
    9/10/2015 - 05:14 a.m.

    People used to believe that if they heard a dog howling, they would get bad luck. They believed dogs howled because they could foresee bad things coming and also see ghosts. So if their dogs howled at sirens, most people believed that someone was going to die.

  • chue-eri
    9/10/2015 - 05:20 a.m.

    So, some of its sentences mean the dogs are one of a kind of wolves? It is interesting !

  • leo-eri
    9/10/2015 - 05:42 a.m.

    The dogs might be feel sorry when they howl. They want to describe their feeling to the people or themselves.Our Myanmar people believe in that the dogs can see the ghost and can hear the ghost's voice.

  • kristine-eri
    9/10/2015 - 05:44 a.m.

    People used to believe that their dogs howled at sirens because dogs can see the ghosts.I think the ghosts might be followed with the sirens.That's why, dogs howled and the sirens sounds make them feel afraid and they might feel hurt.

  • harris-eri
    9/10/2015 - 05:56 a.m.

    Dogs are howling when their ears hurt and we are also noisy when they are howl.

  • zue-eri
    9/11/2015 - 05:21 a.m.

    Dogs howl at sirens because sirens have evil power over most dogs. In addition, dogs' hearing is much more sensitive than ours. A sound from the environment might just be annoying to us, but it might be very painful for them. In other word, it hurts. Dogs also communicate with their cousins and ancestors (wolves) by howling.

  • chloe-eri
    9/11/2015 - 05:36 a.m.

    In my opinion, the dogs are more sensitive so they howl when they sad or scare. In my home town, there is a dog its has no one leg because the train crush over it's leg. From this time, it always howls when it hear the train siren.

  • erina-eri
    9/14/2015 - 04:28 a.m.

    People used to believe the reason why their dogs howled at sirens in that way. Dogs are unlike people. They have more sensitive ears and may make them hurt. As siren is a high-pitched warning sound, this can make them howl because it hurts.

  • stella-eri
    9/14/2015 - 05:56 a.m.

    Dogs howled at sirens because dog's eye are very strong. Dog can see in dark. Dogs protected to their masters.

  • john-eri
    9/14/2015 - 05:56 a.m.

    People used to believe that their dogs have evil power when their dogs howled at sirens.

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