Who wouldn't play baseball for $25 million a year!
Who wouldn't play baseball for $25 million a year! National League outfielder Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins at bat in the first round during the 2014 Home Run Derby the day before the MLB All Star Game at Target Field (Reuters / Jeff Curry / USA TODAY Sports)
Who wouldn't play baseball for $25 million a year!
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Giancarlo Stanton has become the highest paid athlete ever in the U.S. The Miami Marlins baseball team will pay him an average of $25 million per season for 13 years. Now that's a lot of money!

Stanton is a star right fielder. He agreed to a $325 million contract, spread over 13 years. "It's a landmark moment for the franchise and Giancarlo," team owner Jeffrey Loria said.

Getting Stanton to sign the deal was considered a long shot. That's because the team has not been good since 2003. It was thought that Stanton would go to another team when his current contract with Miami ended.

Miami's 2014 payroll of $52.3 million was the lowest in the majors. The last time they spent big was before the 2012 season. That was the first in their new ballpark. But after a poor season, owner Loria got rid of many popular players. This angered many of the team's fans.

Stanton turned 25 on Nov. 8. He is perhaps the game's most feared slugger. He has 154 career homers, including 37 this year.

Stanton's 2014 season ended Sept. 11. He was hit in the face by a pitch. He suffered fractures in his face and other injuries. Despite missing the final 17 games, he led the NL in homers. His team, the Marlins, had a record of 77-85.

The Marlins have said they're not concerned Stanton's injuries will have lingering effects.

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  • keegster123-
    10/30/2015 - 11:12 a.m.

    They were mad because the coach was getting rid of their best and most popular players that season. They were almost going to get rid Stanton because he wanted more money but he said no and then he said yes.

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