Greeks ring monument with a bread bagel Bakers put the final touches on a giant koulouri (bread ring similar to a bagel or pretzel) that encircled the medieval White Tower, in the northern Greek port city of Thessaloniki (AP photos)
Greeks ring monument with a bread bagel

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Greek bakers in the city of Thessaloniki have made a giant "koulouri." It's a ring bread similar to a bagel. The bakers put the koulouri around the city's White Tower.

The bread was 540 feet in diameter. It weighed 1.35 tons before baking. It is already gone. It was given to bystanders.

A "koulouri" is a staple snack. It's sold mostly by street vendors.

Elsa Koukoumeria is president of the Thessaloniki Bakers Association. He said they would try to list the feat with the Guinness Book of Records. They would soon bake a much bigger one, too, he said.

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  • pennyw-Bla
    10/27/2014 - 06:25 p.m.

    A giant koulouri, is a bread similar to a bagel. It was put around the White Tower of Thessaloniki, a town in Greece. Elsa Koukoumeria, president of the baker's association , is trying to get the giant bread listed in the Guiness Book of Records. It weighed 1.35 tons and was 540 feet in diameter. The bystanders ate it all. by Penny

  • Ashley0207-yyca
    10/27/2014 - 09:45 p.m.

    Mmm, the bread looks delicious, scrumptious, and yummy because it is baked fresh and is golden. Maybe when I grow up I'll be a baker because I want to know how to cook the golden bread. Maybe I'll just be a taste tester and try the bread that the bakers had made. I think the bread would be very delicious because I eat a variety of things. I don't agree that a baker would ever put his master piece somewhere that it will make it dirty. I learned that some bakers made a type of bread and put it around the Greeks ring monument. I am amazed because some bakers put a type of bread and put it around the Greeks ring monument so other people can see it around the Greeks ring monument.

  • Mikayla-Hen
    4/16/2015 - 01:31 p.m.

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