Good news! More pandas!
Good news! More pandas! Seven panda cubs, all born in 2012, at the Chengdu Panda Base in Chengdu, in southwestern China's Sichuan province (AP photos)
Good news! More pandas!
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Wild giant pandas in China are doing well.

That is according to the latest census of the animals. A census is the taking of a count of a population.

This one was taken by China's State Forestry Administration. It shows the panda population has grown by 268. The total is 1,864. The last survey ended in 2003.

Nearly three quarters of the pandas live in the southwestern province of Sichuan. The remaining pandas have been found in the neighboring Shaanxi and Gansu provinces.

The panda population rise "is a victory for conservation and definitely one to celebrate," said Ginette Hemley. She is senior vice president of wildlife conservation for World Wildlife Fund.

Hemley credits efforts by the Chinese government for the increase. The survey shows 1,246 wild giant pandas live within nature reserves. There are 67 panda reserves in China. That is an increase of 27 since the last survey.

The survey also points to economic development as a main threat to the rare animal. It says 319 hydropower stations and 832 miles of roads have been built in the giant panda's habitat.

WWF said it is the first time that large-scale projects such as mining and railroads get referenced in the survey. Traditional threats such as poaching are on the decline, WWF noted.

China began surveying its giant pandas in the 1970s. The latest census began in 2011. It took three years to complete.

The number of giant pandas in captivity grew by 211. That is more than double the previous survey figure, according to the census.

Critical thinking challenge: Why is it important for China to count its pandas?

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  • JackS-4
    3/05/2015 - 08:08 p.m.

    The giant panda of China are a recovering species. In their most recent survey, China's State Forestry Administration reported that there were 1,864 pandas in total, most of them being in panda reserves. There are 67 panda reserves in China. However, the way of death for pandas have strewn away from poachers, and displacement has been the main cause of death lately.

    Unfortunately, like other species, the giant panda of china is nearly extinct, with a depressing total number of pandas being less than 2,000. However, it is good that the panda population has been seeing a steady increase due to artificial habitats

  • brady.q-
    3/06/2015 - 12:26 p.m.

    The story is all about good news more pandas. It took place in china taking of a population. It shows the pandas Poplation has grown by 268.i think this story is really interning to hear.

  • Isabelle-Hor
    3/06/2015 - 03:16 p.m.

    This is really,REALLY good! Panda populations are growing! China people are probloy pretty happy about that.Pandas are WAY too cute to kill or take away their habaitat. I think there are less than 1,000 pandas in the world.

  • Prabhleen-Hor
    3/06/2015 - 03:16 p.m.

    I thought that pandas were not going to be alive. But in China they now found out there are more pandas then before! I am so glade that there are more pandas!

  • Leland-Hor
    3/06/2015 - 03:30 p.m.

    It is awassomto hear about new baby panduse in ciaeas they like to clametrees

  • Sam-Kut
    3/09/2015 - 10:57 a.m.

    that is so cool that the pandas are coming back i was really sad a couple years ago i was reading a article on pandas when i went to the zoo i would always want to see the pandas they are animals that climb stuff and look cool then it seems it get the girls staring i want more pandas to come back i want to see more of them i really want a pet for a panda

  • Darrionepo-Fre
    3/10/2015 - 12:58 p.m.

    I believe it is important for China to count it's pandas because pandas are almost extinct. Pandas are also a symbol for China, also and many people take away from that symbol every time a Panda gets poached. Giant pandas are getting poached for their fur to make coats and I believe that is absolutely wrong. Any animal under extinction should be watched. That's why pandas are being watched by China.

  • MarcusP-Ver
    3/11/2015 - 12:28 p.m.

    I did not know that the population has grown by 268 of pandas. wow I think that is a lot of pandas 1,864.

  • Grace-Hor
    3/13/2015 - 02:12 p.m.

    I was thinking the same thing when I read that book. Its so weird that theirs more pandas in china then in Indiana.

  • hadleym-And
    3/19/2015 - 01:46 p.m.

    It is important for China to count its pandas because there are very few left. They need to know if they if the panda are all dieing or if they are multiplying.

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