Everybody used to wear jeans. But not anymore. (Thinkstock)
Everybody used to wear jeans. But not anymore.

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Sales of jeans are going down. People more often are wearing yoga pants and leggings.

Jeans long have been popular and they still are. Just not quite as much.

But sales of the denim blues fell 6 percent during the past year. The shift is partly due to a lack of new designs. It's also a reflection of changing views about what's appropriate to wear for school and work.

"Yoga pants have replaced jeans in my wardrobe," said Anita Ramaswamy, a Scottsdale, Arizona high-school senior.

The jeans business isn't dead. It's just not quite as good as before. Customer Growth Partners estimates denim accounts for 20 percent of yearly sales at U.S. stores.

But researchers said sales of jeans in the U.S. fell 6 percent during the year that ended in June. Sales of yoga pants and other "active wear" climbed 7 percent.

Levi Strauss invented blue jeans 141 years ago. Now the company is creating new versions. It's more "stretchy."

Fashion watchers call yoga pants and leggings the "athleisure" trend.

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  • tamaraparra
    6/23/2015 - 08:08 p.m.

    I think it's totally normal that something that was once trend, in this case, in costume, now is getting in the past. Times are changing and the generations are different than the old ones. Today, people have new trends to follow, but it isn't a bad thing. I don't think it's strange at all. I don't believe that jeans are going to disappear. Everyone that I know has, at least, a couple of them.But if it already had its time, well it's not going to last forever.

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