Burger King Japan's latest meal is the new black
Burger King Japan's latest meal is the new black Burger King's new menu Kuro Diamond burger is prepared at its Shibuya restaurant in Tokyo (AP photos)
Burger King Japan's latest meal is the new black
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Burger King is offering black burgers in Japan. That's right, a black burger on a black bun. It even has black cheese. Black sauce is included, too.

Last year, Burger King started making the Kuro Ninja. The sandwich added a slice of non-black bacon to the black components. Now Burger King Japan is going black on black. It's called the Kuro Pearl. It and another sandwich, the Black Diamond, were added to menus last week.


The black pepper in the patty hits you at the first bite. The Kuro Diamond is juicier. It has extra sauce and mayo.


The burgers only are available in Japan until November. The Kuro Pearl costs $4.39 and the Kuro Diamond for $6.31. It's not clear why black burgers are a hit in Japan. But the country favors unusual food and drink products. Those include square watermelons and green tea candy bars. There's even ice cucumber Pepsi.

What would it take to get you to eat a black burger on a black bun?

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  • altringervilla
    9/25/2014 - 11:11 p.m.

    First, Burger King is offering black burgers in japan. Everything on the burgers is black. Second, they started last year with one named kuro ninja this year they have one named kuro pearl and black diamond. Then, they are only available until November. Finally, people in japan like unusual food and drinks.

    • altringeraalinna
      12/04/2017 - 09:39 p.m.

      That dose not really look good?

  • SherzongM-Saw
    9/26/2014 - 04:55 p.m.

    If anyone thinks that this burger is good then they are wrong

    • altringeraalinna
      12/04/2017 - 09:38 p.m.

      I would not like it?

  • AliannaR-Saw
    9/26/2014 - 04:58 p.m.

    I don't think that looks very good looking. If i was selling it would not look like!!! A hamburger is a jucie delicious sandwich

  • shocker97
    9/29/2014 - 12:04 p.m.

    That is just gross. Why would anyone ever want to eat something that is black. It looks like it was burnt by a forest fire, except 10 times worse. Also what kind of sauce is black? Ash mustard? And the black cheese just screams its stale.... 1,000 years stale. It's like the cheese in DIARY OF A WIMPY KID. Except this wasn't found on the floor, and it's supposed to be black. I don't get why people would eat this kind of food. So it looks cool (actually it looks pretty gross to me), That changes what it will taste like. If Burger King wants more people in their restaurants, they should take this burger away.

  • altringerleslie
    9/29/2014 - 03:07 p.m.

    WHO: buger king is offering black buger in japan that's righta black buger on a back bum. it even black cheese.black sauce is niclded too.

  • altringerrodrigo
    9/29/2014 - 03:10 p.m.

    Who; the Japanese and burgerking

    what:the japines make new craby patysmake black it has the bun the souse the chees black

    when:last week
    where; At jupan
    why:Becous the poupel fromjapan like the souce thebun thechees

  • altringerhailey
    9/29/2014 - 03:18 p.m.

    who: it in volve from japan and burger king.

    what happen?that last week they started the kuro ninga sandwich

    where did it happen?it happen in burger king

    when did happen?in november

    why did it happen?it happend becuse pepole of japan like food and drinks

  • altringermario
    9/29/2014 - 03:20 p.m.

    who: it involved the people that work a burger king and people that live in japan.

    what: what happened is that people in japan made an all black burger.

    when:when it happened was about a week ago .

    were: it is happening at a burger king of japan.

    why: it is happening because Japaneses people are tasting unusual food and drinks

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