Argentina’s new tigers are a triple treat

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Students set record for hugging trees They hope it was the largest tree hug ever. More than 2,000 people, mostly students, gathered in Nepal's capital Thursday. Their goal was to set a world record for the largest tree hug. Parliament members and even Buddhist monks were there to celebrate World Environme... - Posted on June 6, 2014
New frogs found. And they “dance.” Fourteen new species of dancing frogs have been found in the jungle mountains of southern India. The tiny amphibians earned their name with the unusual kicks they use to attract mates. One problem, though. The species declined in number during the 12 years in which Indian sc... - Posted on May 22, 2014
Columbus discovered America. Is this his ship? A shipwreck off northern Haiti may be the remains of Christopher Columbus' flagship vessel, the Santa Maria. But experts expressed caution about a discovery that was far from confirmed. Explorer Barry Clifford thinks the wreck he found is the Santa Maria. It struck ground an... - Posted on May 14, 2014
Pampered cows pay off for farmer There is reason to envy Jusuf Arifajic's cows. His animals sleep on mattresses in a barn with a computerized air conditioning and lighting system. They are bathed regularly, get a massage whenever they feel like it and receive the occasional pedicure. Relaxing music makes su... - Posted on May 11, 2014
How were the pyramids built? Maybe with water For centuries, it's been a mystery as to how the ancient Egyptians moved the huge stone blocks needed to build the pyramids. Did they use sleds, ramps, wheels, logs? There's even a theory that aliens were involved. Now researchers say they've found a much simpler technique t... - Posted on May 2, 2014
People in Mexico pamper their pooches Camila celebrated her first birthday in a blue-and-white striped dress. She played with her guests in a room decorated with pink balloons, lilacs and Hello Kitty posters. When the cake arrived she barked at the single flickering candle. This provoked a similar reaction from ... - Posted on April 17, 2014
Argentina’s new tigers are a triple treat Argentina’s Buenos Aires Zoo is showing off its latest brood of white tigers. They are Bengal triplets with piercing blue eyes and a playful attitude. The two female cubs have prominent black stripes and tawny white coats. The male is nearly pure white. Zoo veterina... - Posted on April 16, 2014