Wanna buy an 80-foot igloo?

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Would you pay $3,200,000 for a comic book? A rare, nearly flawless copy of the first edition of a Superman comic book has sold for a super-powered price, $3.2 million. New York comics dealers Stephen Fishler and Vincent Zurzolo said they submitted Sunday's record-setting bid in the eBay auction. Action Comics No. 1 ... - Posted on August 28, 2014
Un-bee-lievable! 50,000 bees invade apartment A New York City woman had some unexpected roommates living in her apartment: 50,000 bees. WABC-TV reports beekeepers removed the swarm from Frieda Turkmenilli's ceiling this week after her neighbors in Queens alerted the building manager. Turkmenilli says she saw only... - Posted on August 26, 2014
“But officer, I was only trying to help!” Police patrol cars are usually Fords or Chryslers, not Maseratis. So when a patrolman spotted a Maserati resembling a police cruiser, he pulled it over. Deputy Chief Wayne Foster tells The Patriot Ledger newspaper the luxury Italian vehicle's body was painted black an... - Posted on August 12, 2014
Does tower of ketchup need mountain of mustard? How would you like to own a towering ketchup bottle? A "For Sale" sign is in front of what's billed as the "World's Largest Bottle of Catsup." The landmark once served as a water tower in the city of Collinsville, Ill. It's old, 65 to be exact. And it's tall, 170 fee... - Posted on August 5, 2014
Wildfire creates a once-in-a-lifetime wedding photo A wildfire that disrupted a couple's wedding also gave them the photograph of a lifetime. A fire truck rolled up at Rock Spring Ranch near Bend, Oregon with sirens blaring Saturday. The wedding party was told to evacuate, The Oregonian reported. The minister conducted ... - Posted on June 12, 2014
Mom wants to give her daughter an “awesome” name A Juneau, Alaska, woman wants to give her daughter an awesome middle name. Literally. Lisa Flores is seeking court approval to legally change her daughter's middle name to Awesome. The Juneau Empire reports Awesome would replace the given middle name of Contea for 2 1... - Posted on June 11, 2014
If you found $125,000, would you give it back? A Salvation Army worker in California is being rewarded for his decision to return a bag containing $125,000 that fell from an armored truck. Joe Cornell told The Fresno Bee that he found the cash Tuesday after a Brinks truck pulled away from a red light in Fresno and left t... - Posted on June 2, 2014
Teen catches whale of a fish barehanded A northern Ohio teenager is reeling in attention for a big catch after he spotted a 3-foot carp swimming in receding floodwaters on his street and scooped it into his arms as his mother caught the scene on video. North Royalton resident Jake Sawyer, 16, waded through more th... - Posted on May 15, 2014
Fisherman pulls a “goblin” from the deep A rare shark has been pulled up from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. And it's not pretty. It's called a goblin shark. The shrimp fisherman who caught it in his net said it looked prehistoric. It was about 18 feet long, with razor-sharp teeth. The 63-year-old fish... - Posted on May 5, 2014
Wanna buy an 80-foot igloo? The embodiment of an Alaska cliche is for sale. The massive urethane igloo is a must-stop for summer tourists heading up the Parks Highway en route to Denali National Park. It can be had for $300,000. The 80-foot high structure was erected more than four decades ago. ... - Posted on April 30, 2014