Wanna buy an 80-foot igloo?

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Teen catches whale of a fish barehanded A northern Ohio teenager is reeling in attention for a big catch after he spotted a 3-foot carp swimming in receding floodwaters on his street and scooped it into his arms as his mother caught the scene on video. North Royalton resident Jake Sawyer, 16, waded through more th... - Posted on May 15, 2014
Fisherman pulls a “goblin” from the deep A rare shark has been pulled up from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. And it's not pretty. It's called a goblin shark. The shrimp fisherman who caught it in his net said it looked prehistoric. It was about 18 feet long, with razor-sharp teeth. The 63-year-old fish... - Posted on May 5, 2014
Wanna buy an 80-foot igloo? The embodiment of an Alaska cliche is for sale. The massive urethane igloo is a must-stop for summer tourists heading up the Parks Highway en route to Denali National Park. It can be had for $300,000. The 80-foot high structure was erected more than four decades ago. ... - Posted on April 30, 2014