10-year-old finds $10,000

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iPhone survives plunge from plane Some phones are made of sterner stuff. Angela Dalton and her 10-year-old son were riding as passengers in a three-seat plane on Friday for an aerial tour of Dothan, courtesy of a family friend who happens to be a pilot. When the plane neared Dalton's Dothan, Alabama n... - Posted on October 2, 2013
Written in the stars: "Will you marry me?" The way the stars aligned inside a Georgia planetarium caught the 22-year-old woman by surprise, spelling out the question: "Krystal Sanderson Will You Marry Me?" Alan Gilbert, 23, of Warner Robins, wanted to do something special when asking for Krystal Sanderson’s hand in... - Posted on September 23, 2013
10-year-old finds $10,000 A 10-year-old boy who found $10,000 in a drawer at a Kansas City hotel where he was staying with his dad turned the money over to police. Tyler Schaefer found the neatly stacked bills Saturday in the room where he and his father, Cody Schaefer, were staying at a hotel near t... - Posted on May 31, 2013

House for sale for one dollar: Thousands of people around the country read an online ad about an old, sprawling two-story farmhouse in Leesburg, Va., on sale for a dollar. There is a catch: The buyer must be able to afford to move the house. But after The Washington Post reported on the house a week ago, Yahoo.com linked to the article on its home page and suddenly, it seemed, the whole world wanted in.

- Posted on May 3, 2009

Ice cream driver robbed, redeemed by music: The ice-cream man, robbed of his Blue Bunny van and stripped to his skivvies, followed the music. Two hijackers apparently didn't know how to shut off that unmistakable melody - or didn't try. It was still playing when the Blue Bunny vendor found his abandoned van on the other side of Cypress Manor a short time later.

- Posted on May 2, 2009

Cat saves elderly owner from smoky fire: A Bremerton Fire Department official said an elderly woman has her cat to thank for saving her life in a smoky house fire. The woman's smoke alarm was going off as smoke billowed through the vents from her home heater but she slept through it. Her cat jumped up on the bed and pawed at her face until she woke up.

- Posted on March 3, 2009

Woman calls 911 3 times over McNuggets: Authorities say a Florida woman called 911 three times after McDonald's employees told her they were out of McNuggets. A police report said 27-year-old Fort Pierce resident Latreasa L. Goodman told authorities she paid for a 10-piece last week but was later informed the restaurant had run out.- Posted on March 3, 2009

Junk food OK for teachers, but not for kids: Some Oregon teachers want to be in the chips — and the sodas, too. Sale of junk food in schools is banned in the state. But the teachers say they should be able to buy the unhealthy snacks in their lounges.

- Posted on March 1, 2009
iPod distracts man from fire: A Connecticut man was so engrossed with the tunes on his iPod that he didn't realize his house was on fire — until his alarm company called.

- Posted on March 1, 2009

Robbery suspect tries to become policeman: Authorities in California say a man wanted for a store robbery was arrested when he showed up to take a test to become a police officer.

- Posted on March 1, 2009