Is there going to be another Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie?

Is there going to be another Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie?

There is going to be another Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie based on the second,third and possibly the fourth book. Zachary Gordon(Greg Heffley) and Robert Capron(Rowley) are still gonna play the parts as in the first movie.This movie has new director called David Bowers. The movie is coming out in March 2011.

- Posted on August 27, 2010

Probably they will. I think they are just taking a good rest from the acting they have done. Now that the movie 'The Last Straw' is coming out, I think they are getting started of acting because the movie will be released after 2 months. This series is really great for a normal wimpy kid. The actors Zachary Gordon & Robert Capron are really great. The book Cabin Fever is really great. I can't wait for more funniness! HA HA HA HA! Anyways, I can't wait to see The Last Straw!

The books are really substantial, and so are the movies. And, yes, Zachary Gordon was the perfect Gregory. There were many kids trying out for the part, and in the end, Zach got it. Robert Capron was found in Vancouver, Canada, which is where they shot the film.

If anyone hasn't noticed already, but the first movie was based off of the first book, but it had extra sections of the second book. Also, the second movie had some of the second book, but it heavily surrounded the third book, "The Last Straw."

Anyways, I saw both productions, and, in my opinion, like I said earlier, they were very well done. =)


I like these movies. I saw the first one and the second. They were both good. I want to see all of them. I also like the books.