Should little girl be allowed to keep little horse?

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Girl finds diamond, sells it for $20,000 A girl has sold a 3.85-carat diamond she found for $20,000. Tana Clymer lives in Oklahoma City. She told KWTV that she plans to use the money to help pay for college. Tana found the diamond last October while hunting for gems at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfre... - Posted on April 14, 2014
Want a selfie with Obama? Fuggedaboudit! A handshake? Sure. A selfie? No way. Some of America's Olympic athletes say they were asked to keep their cellphones in their pockets last week when they visited the White House and met with President Barack Obama. The White House said that's longstanding practice bec... - Posted on April 9, 2014
Monopoly gets 5 new rules The makers of Monopoly have created five new rules. The new rules include: no rent collection while in jail, double the dough for landing on Go and clean out Free Parking if your luck takes you there. Facebook fans voted “yes” to include the new rules for future editions... - Posted on April 4, 2014
Teen tells U.S. to change font to save $400,000,000 A teenager has published a study. It suggests the federal government could save millions of dollars a year in printing costs. All it needs to do is switch to a thinner typeface that uses less ink. Suvir Mirchandani, 14, said he noticed there was plenty of talk at school abou... - Posted on March 31, 2014
Easter Egg hunt? There's an app for that! New York City is getting ready for an old-fashioned Easter egg hunt. But this hunt will have a 21st-century twist. You'll need a smartphone app to find the eggs. Nearly 275 egg sculptures will be hidden around the city as part of The Faberge Big Egg Hunt. The eggs are about ... - Posted on March 19, 2014
Would you pay $250,000 for a guitar? George Gruhn's guitar shop in Nashville is a kind of mecca for fine, vintage musical instruments. But even Gruhn is blown away by the latest addition to his inventory. He says it's the very first production model Fender Stratocaster ever made. You can own it for a cool quart... - Posted on March 19, 2014
New coin throws currency a curve The United States Mint in San Francisco will soon produce an unusual coin. The coin will honor the national pastime – baseball. Like so many great baseball pitchers, the new coin will feature a curve. The bowl-shaped currency is the result of a 2012 law. The law is... - Posted on March 16, 2014
Girl Scouts pushed to dump Barbie America's top doll, Barbie, finds herself in trouble again. This time, the conflict involves her manufacturer – Mattel – the Girl Scouts and several other groups. Two consumer advocacy groups say Barbie as a flawed role model for little girls. The groups are often criti... - Posted on March 6, 2014
Jimmy Fallon takes Polar Plunge in suit and tie Comedian Jimmy Fallon took a quick but icy dip in Chicago's Lake Michigan Sunday. He was dressed in a full suit and tie. Then he screamed and darted out quickly with a shocked expression on his face. "The Tonight Show" host made good on his promise to join Mayor Rahm Emanuel... - Posted on March 2, 2014
Should little girl be allowed to keep little horse? An Ohio family has a miniature horse. They use the horse to help their daughter who has problems walking. But the city where they live says the family must get rid of the horse. Ingrid Anderson, of Blue Ash, Ohio, and advocates for the family are suing the city. They claim t... - Posted on February 19, 2014